Spring break is coming up, so it’s high time you start planning your family vacation! If you’ve already planned your trip, make sure you look into family travel insurance plans. Whether you’re crossing the border to the USA, or exploring a different Canadian province, the most economical way to cover your travel insurance needs is to purchase a family travel insurance plan.

Family travel insurance

According to our policy, a family means: Individuals 59 years of age and under consisting of you, all dependent children, dependent grandchildren, and you and/or your spouse.

Protect the whole family with one convenient plan.  This value plan ensures everyone has coverage whether travelling together or separately.

If you fit within one of the following groups, you’re eligible for our family plan!

  • Family members travelling together (single trip plan) or separately (annual plan)
  • Dependent children or grandchildren, including students 21 years of age attending school full time (refer to policy for more details).
  • Siblings travelling without parents, as long as they meet the definition of family
  • Grandparents taking grandchildren on vacation
  • Parents travelling with 21-year-old daughter/son all living in the same household
  • Foster children

If a family plan’s not right for you, there are plenty of other options. Give your local travel insurance provider a call and they’ll be happy to help you find an appropriate plan.

Read on to see why you should be purchasing travel insurance even within Canada. This is what your provincial healthcare plan covers when you’re in a different province.

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