Cities on a Budget—Top Things to Do in New York

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Did you know that New York City is the #1 searched destination by Canadians on It really shouldn’t be a huge surprise when you think about it. Canadians love to travel, but many people are afraid to take long flights. New York City is world class and it’s always making headlines. With so many […]

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Travelling with a Purpose in Mamallapuram, India: Part 1

This past summer I was fortunate to spend a month volunteering as a Counselling and Art Therapy student in Southern India through OneVillage Community Service Foundation. It was part of my Masters of Counselling Psychology and Art Therapy program at Adler University in Vancouver, BC. My voluntourism experience took place in and around Mamallapuram in Southern […]

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How to Buy Travel Insurance That’s Right for You

When it comes to travelling, insurance is usually the last thing we think about. It’s so much more fun to think about sipping sangria on the beaches of Spain, or exploring the urban jungles of Japan. However, without the right travel medical insurance, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Healthcare outside of Canada […]

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