Is Your Credit Card Travel Insurance Coverage Enough?

I’ve always been a staunch believer in travel insurance. When I first started travelling with friends, I was surprised

A Guide to Purchasing Travel Insurance for Skiing & Snowboarding

Travel Insurance & Stability: What You Need to Know

The Right Travel Insurance for Your Favourite Winter Sports

New Entry Requirement for Dual Canadian Citizens Flying to Canada

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The Canadian government is strengthening border security and exit controls with a series of regulations that impact visitors to Canada. It started with the Electronic Travel Authorization for visa-exempt visitors (eTA), which came into effect on March 15, 2016. Starting November 10, 2016, Canadians with dual citizenship are now required to carry their Canadian passports […]

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How Travel Advisories Impact Your Travel Insurance

The uncertainty of travel is definitely something that sparks our wanderlust and makes it exciting. But recent terrorist attacks and political events have given a new meaning to travelling uncertainty, and have caused concerns, confusion and fear, even among the most seasoned travellers. It’s a sad reality, but acts of terrorism continue to be seen […]

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Multigenerational Family Cruise Vacations

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Looking for family vacation ideas? Cruising’s the perfect option, particularly if you’re looking to vacation with the three generations in tow – grandparents, parents, and grandkids… maybe even the extended family! What makes cruising the ideal multigenerational family vacation Quality family time In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to make quality time for family. […]

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