Patrick Robinson, The Traveling CEO

Pat Robinson The Traveling CEOMy name is Patrick Robinson, and I run a company called TuGo (TU).  TU is one of the top travel insurance providers in Canada, and has been around since 1964. It began in my parents’ living room almost 50 years ago, and has managed to remain family-owned to this day. This year, Deloitte named us one of the Best Managed Companies in Canada.

Insurance is unique because it’s one of the only products you buy that you never want to use. I want to change that by expanding the value travellers receive from travel insurance. How? I have a few ideas—to start, I want to make sure that our travellers are armed with practical information about their trip. Second, I want to go beyond helping people with their claims. I want our travellers to know that we’re here to help them have better travel experiences, whether that means helping them deal with a speeding ticket abroad, or recommending a restaurant on the Costa del Sol. I started @TheTravelingCEO because I wanted to talk to our travellers and see exactly what we could do to help them have better trips.

Another reason for @TheTravelingCEO is my own love for travel. I want to have conversations with others about travel, and share some of my own experiences. I can’t compare to those who travel for a living, but I have been to some amazing places in my lifetime. And with over a million customers, we hear a lot of stories.

I also want to change peoples’ perception about insurance companies. I know, I know—most insurance companies come off as stuffy, financial institutions that don’t really care about their customers. I want to turn that on its head and show our travellers that we’re here to talk them through everything, from their travel plans, to filing a claim. With almost 50 years of travel experience under our belt, I know TU can help travellers travel better, safer, and smarter. There’s no better way to start change than with yourself, right?

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