About Us

You’re probably wondering who we are, and why we’re blogging. Well, here’s a little background on TuGo. We’re one of the top travel insurance providers in Canada, and have been around since 1964. TU began in the living room of a couple named Herb and Georgina Robinson almost 50 years ago, and has managed to remain a family-owned company to this day. This year, Deloitte named us one of the Best Managed Companies in Canada.

Insurance is pretty unique in that it’s one of the only products you buy that you never want to use. Pat, our travelling CEO, wants to change this by expanding the value Canadian travellers receive from travel insurance. This is why we’ve started this blog.

This blog is all about:

1. Helping Canadians travel confidently by sharing our know-how on travel insurance, safety, and health.

2. Inspiring Canadians to travel. We’ve heard the most unique and inspiring stories from being in this business for 49 years. We’d also like to share travel stories about where we’re from and where we’ve been. The TU team is made up of people from 36 different countries including The Seychelles, The Philippines, Romania, and Canada!

Who is “we”, anyway?

Many of TU’s 150-strong team may contribute to the blog, but most of the time, you’re going to be reading posts from this bunch:

tugo blog

We’re excited to share stories about swimming with whalesharks in Sorsogon, experiencing the weightlessness of floating in the Dead Sea, and most of all, how to do it all safely and responsibly. We’ll also try our hand at explaining all that fine print on those travel insurance policies you get, so that you’ll know exactly how you’re protected. This will probably be our toughest challenge, but we’ll try our best to make it as entertaining and helpful as possible.

As our CEO Pat says, “We’re all in the same boat; TU either sinks or swims with you”. So our Canadian travellers, we’re going to try our darndest to help you! After all, we’re travellers too.


Sarah, Melissa, Leah and Jamie