International travel is often fraught with regulations, and visa applications are a tedious step that most, if not all travellers wish they could do without! Luckily for us Canadians, mobility isn’t much of an issue where visa requirements are concerned. Your Canadian passport will grant you access to over 185 countries and territories that either don’t require a visa beforehand or issue one upon arrival—making it one of the most powerful passports in the world.

Tip: Now, if you’re a visitor travelling to Canada, you might want to check out this quick guide, to learn about the right types of visas required to enter the country.

The power of your Canadian passport

What makes a passport “powerful”? There are several measures to consider, which can depend on a home country’s diplomatic relations with other nations. One of those would be the country’s access to visa-free travel, afforded to its passport holders. By this measure, the Canadian passport is often ranked one of the most desirable to have, alongside countries like Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, the UK and the US, according to global passport indexes published annually by Henley & Partners and Arton Capital.

Top 100 visa-free destinations to visit with your Canadian passport

Use the infographic below to help you in the planning stages—with relatively-few barriers to travel entry, globe-trotting Canadians who enjoy collecting stamps on their passports are free to visit these places (and others) anytime, so take advantage of that passport! And once you’ve picked out all the places you want to visit in the next year and beyond, be sure to look into multi-trip annual travel insurance to save on multiple journeys ahead!


Know Before You Go

Though visas are essential travel documents that determine limits of entry and the duration and conditions of stay, having certain travel restrictions in place can understandably be off-putting to travellers. You might have to make little changes to your itineraries, or you might have to rethink your route altogether. That’s why if you’re pressed for time or are on a tight budget, it’s good to know which countries require which documents, before even buying a plane ticket.

That said, don’t let visa requirements stop you from exploring a foreign place in the end—you’ll miss out on some of the most unique and memorable experiences by limiting yourself!

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100 Visa-Free Destinations for Canadian Travellers

Dec 27 2018