10 Sustainable Travel Destinations to Visit

Apr 22 2019
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With travel becoming more accessible to people than ever before, we as travellers have a shared responsibility to, well, travel responsibly. Although travelling is a very personal experience, it can have far-reaching effects on others and the world around us. That’s why there’s been an upward trend over the years towards more conscientious, sustainable travel—there’s […]

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Travelling to Central Asia: Exploring the ‘Stans’

Apr 17 2019
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Central Asia—sometimes referred to as the ‘Stans’—consists of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. Bordered by Russia in the north, China to the east, and Iran and Afghanistan down south, these five countries possess unparalleled natural beauty, unique culture and rich history. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the region draws the types of […]

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How Travellers Can Avoid Making Food Faux Pas

Mar 26 2019
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Some would argue that food is the quintessence of culture, so a great starting point for any curious traveller wanting to learn about a given culture would be to explore its cuisine. Many cultures take their food very seriously—good food is something to be proud of, preserved in tradition, and even be ceremonious about. The […]

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Travel Notice: How the ETIAS Will Affect Canadians Travelling to Europe

Mar 14 2019
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By 2021, the European Union (EU) will have a new electronic authorization system affecting travellers from typically visa-exempt countries like Canada and the US: the European Travel Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS for short. From January 1st, 2021 onwards, potential travellers to a number of Shengen Area European countries must apply for ETIAS travel authorization. This applies to short term visits, up to 90 days, whether […]

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Solo Travel Guide: Top Hacks for Solo Travellers

Mar 5 2019
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Travelling solo is a personal journey—both literally and figuratively. There’s a sense of freedom in travel that’s experienced a little differently when done alone. Of course, you’d get to try new things and visit new places as you would with travel companions, but you get to do all that on your own time and in […]

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