Choosing the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card

Feb 19 2019
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Travel and credit cards often go hand-in-hand. Best practices for using credit cards to your advantage when travelling, however, will depend on your personal needs. In most situations, we purchase plane tickets and book accommodation with our credit cards, and pay for meals, shopping and other expenses while at our destinations. But where ’travel’ and ‘credit […]

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Multigenerational Travel with Your Family

Feb 5 2019
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Travel trends are shaped by traveller habits, and as far as trends in the industry from the last few years go, multigenerational travel is one that’s here to stay. In fact, travelling is something universally enjoyed by today’s generations—from baby boomers to gen Xers, to millennials, to generation Z. It also doesn’t hurt that we […]

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A Traveller’s Guide to Carnival in Brazil

Jan 29 2019
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Though travellers can experience Carnival in many cities and towns around the world, most notably in Latin America and Europe, there’s no place more synonymous with its celebration than Brazil. Carnival is such an integral part of Brazilian cultural heritage that anticipation and preparations at times begin a year in advance. There’s even a saying […]

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Getting Snowmobile Travel Insurance

Jan 8 2019
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For many Canadian destinations, if there’s anything you’ll find an abundance of during the wintertime, it’s snow. And with all that snow comes a wide variety of winter sports to suit every traveller’s taste—plus the right type of travel insurance to match the activity. Many thrill-seeking Canadians would agree that snowmobiling is one of the […]

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100 Visa-Free Destinations for Canadian Travellers

Dec 27 2018
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International travel is often fraught with regulations, and visa applications are a tedious step that most, if not all travellers wish they could do without! Luckily for us Canadians, mobility isn’t much of an issue where visa requirements are concerned. Your Canadian passport will grant you access to over 185 countries and territories that either […]

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