How to be a Responsible Traveller

Aug 21 2018
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We often see the words “responsible” and “travel” used in the same sentence; although an obvious pairing for us these days, traditionally, the focus of travel has mostly been on the traveller and what a destination can do for them. While this might seem a little one-sided at first glance, there are current trends in travel […]

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Family-friendly Road Trip Ideas in Canada

Jun 25 2018
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Canada is a land of plenty—framed on each coast by the land-shaping tides of the Atlantic and the Pacific, there’s plenty of mountains, glaciers, valleys, plains, deltas, islands, bodies of water and communities to discover and explore in between. You might already know which parts of Canada you’d like to visit someday and maybe even […]

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4 Meaningful Experiences to Gift Dad This Father’s Day

May 2 2018
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Now that you’ve probably finalized your Mother’s Day plans, it’s time to start planning a special day for your other favourite parent, your father! But let’s not forget that the other ‘dads’ in our lives—grandfathers, husbands and the like—should be celebrated too. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas this year, remember that it’s […]

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How Technology Can Help Us Travel Safely

Feb 15 2018
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Keeping safe while travelling should be as much of a priority as having fun is. With the rise of on-the-fly travel booking and trip planning apps, it makes sense to use similarly-convenient tools for travel safety. Technology has made us our own travel agents and our own travel guides, but how about when it comes […]

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