Ever spent countless hours booking all the parts of your trip—your flights, your hotel, your rental car, your excursion tour, and even a table at that Michelin-starred restaurant you’ve always wanted to try—only to realize at the very last minute, that you forgot to get travel insurance? We’ve all been there!

And to add to the last-minute plan-cram, you might suddenly ask yourself: “Can I still purchase travel insurance after booking my trip?” If you haven’t, the simple answer is a resounding “yes!” There’s no purchase window for buying travel insurance as long you haven’t already left on your trip yet (it might be a challenge to do so 30,000 feet in the air, anyway).

Are you a visitor to Canada? Read about how purchasing visitor travel insurance here.

Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance: can I wait later to buy it?

There’s no purchase window to buy Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance*. But it’s best to purchase this coverage once your trip is booked and any deposit is paid. That’s because Trip Cancellation protects you by covering unexpected things that can happen before your trip—illness or injury, travel visa denials, or even job loss. And because there are no financial benefits to waiting later to buy this type of insurance, it’s in your best interest to get it sooner to maximize your protection.

*If Insurance is purchased more than 72 hours after the date the transportation and/or accommodations are booked, a 72-hour waiting period on sickness will apply.

Read more about how Trip Cancellation will cover you before leaving for your destination and how Trip Interruption will cover you after you’ve already left.

Now let’s say your flight’s delayed more than 2 hours, but your trip isn’t actually cancelled. Just by having TuGo Travel Insurance, MyFlyt™ gives you instant access to an airport lounge pass or a cash payout, to make your experience a little better. MyFlyt is a convenient complimentary service you can take advantage of when you get travel insurance ahead of time.


Emergency Medical Insurance: don’t put it off until last minute!

Medical Questionnaire

Emergency Medical Insurance must be purchased before leaving on your trip. If you’re 60+ and want to buy Emergency Medical Insurance rate, you’re required to fill out a Medical Questionnaire to determine your travel insurance rates.

Have questions about TuGo’s Medical Questionnaire? Read our Traveller Medical Questionnaire FAQ.

Here’s how pre-existing conditions may be covered under our Traveller product

  • For travellers 59 years and under, there’s no stability period for trips 35 days and less*, and a 90-day stability period for trips over 35 days.
  • For travellers aged 60-74, there’s a 180-day stability period for all trip lengths
  • For travellers 75 years and over, there’s a 365–day stability period for all trip lengths

*The following will not be covered:

  • Condition and/or symptom other than a minor ailment, which arose or worsened on the date of departure, or at any time within the seven days prior to the date of departure.
  • Condition and/or symptom for which medical treatment was obtained on the date of departure or any time within the seven days prior to the date of departure.
  • Condition and/or symptom that developed before departure and was undiagnosed at time of departure

Stability periods are an important consideration when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions. Want to know more? Read about stability periods here.


Buying travel insurance now vs later

Travel insurance is usually an afterthought for most travellers. We get it—it’s not exactly the most exciting part of your journey, but it is one of the most crucial.

So even if you can technically wait until the last minute to purchase travel insurance, why would you? You wouldn’t leave your hotel or resort reservations until the day before you fly out. We recommend protecting yourself and enjoying some peace-of-mind early in your journey, so you can focus on all the other fun and exciting details about your trip.

Better yet, you can get Multi Trip Annual Travel Insurance to save yourself the trouble of buying insurance every single time you take a trip. It’s a convenient, economical option that’s customizable for those who plan on travelling more than once a year—and you’ll no longer have to worry about when to buy your travel insurance!

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Can I Purchase Travel Insurance After Booking My Trip?

Jan 27 2020