Packing a carry-on is an art form, and frequent travellers will agree that it’s a skill worth mastering. Whether you’re a certified over packer or a tech-savvy traveller who owns the latest smart luggage, learning how to pack your carry-on like a pro has some serious benefits. Not only does it help you avoid costly baggage fees, but you’ll also save time getting through security!

While the carry-on restrictions for airlines are quite strict, TSA & CATSA are constantly changing their guidelines. To take the guesswork out of what you can (and cannot) bring on a plane, we created an infographic with some helpful packing tips. You’d be surprised at some of the items you can bring on board! We’re bringing ice skates on our next winter adventure, how about you?

Click the infographic below to download and print!

carry on rules restrictions infographic

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Carry-on Packing 101: What You Can Bring on a Plane (Infographic)

Aug 24 2017