Mark Crone: Why I Chose TuGo Travel Insurance

If you’re planning a trip, the last thing you want to do is imagine what can go wrong. Of course, small things can happen when you travel, but there are also worst-case scenarios and risky adventures that should be covered by insurance.

Can I Purchase Travel Insurance After Booking My Trip?

Ever spent countless hours booking all the parts of your trip—your flights, your hotel, your rental car, your excursion tour, and even a table at that Michelin-starred restaurant you’ve always wanted to try—only to realize at the very last minute, that you forgot to get travel insurance?

Exotic Yet Accessible Senior Travel Destinations for 2018/2019

Some of the international destinations we might initially dismiss as being a bit too exotic for seniors, who may need a bit more comfort and convenience, can actually surprise us with unexpected accessibility! A great example of this is Bangkok, Thailand, recently featured by a number of travel publications as a premier senior-friendly destination city.

Solo Senior Travel: 3 Ways to Vacation for Independent Adventurers

The idea of travelling alone can be intimidating for many people. When considering things like eating meals, staying in hotels, and going on tours, some may feel insecure about partaking in these activities independently. But seniors are the perfect demographic to capitalize on independent travel – with retirement and the ability to travel during off-season,

Tips For Seniors Travelling to Cuba

Now that winter has officially begun, you’re probably already starting to plan your winter vacation. If you’re an avid traveller who loves the sun, you’ll fall in love with Cuba, and you’ll definitely want to read this post! Here are the best tips for you to enjoy your time in Cuba. Choosing the Right All-Inclusive

Make Travel Insurance Claims Easy with Our Top Tips for Seniors

From relaxing on a sunny beach, to golfing, to climbing mountains, seniors are exploring the world, and having amazing travel adventures every day. Travel insurance for seniors ensures that you can explore knowing you’re protected. But sometimes making a claim can seem more overwhelming than being sick or injured while abroad. I’ve worked in the