COVID-19: Impacts to Canadian Travellers

These are challenging times for all of us, as we’re seeing unprecedented measures enacted by governments and the travel industry. This includes TuGo too; so we’re doing our part to help curb the effects of COVID-19—most importantly making sure Canadian travellers return home safely.

Canadians abroad should come home

In addition to urgent appeals from the Government of Canada, the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA), which TuGo is an active member of, has released a message for Canadians still abroad. Given COVID-19’s volatile nature and effects, some of this information, if heeded, will hopefully lessen its impact on travellers:

  • By delaying your return, transportation options could become even more limited or non-existent and you will put yourself at greater risk staying abroad.
  • The health care system in many countries is expected to experience a dramatic increase in demand, and may not be able to give you any health care if needed as citizens will receive care priority.
  • During this unprecedented time, your assistance/insurance company may not be able to repatriate you since the border will be closed and Canadian health facilities, which are similarly expected to see a dramatic rise in care demands, will prioritize citizens already in country.

Read “THIA’s IMPORTANT NOTICE: Canadians Urged to Return Home” for its complete list of recommendations, which TuGo strongly supports.

If you’re unable to fund your return trip with available resources, consider looking into the COVID-19 Emergency Loan Program for Canadians.

Your COVID-19 travel insurance-related questions answered

Do you have travel insurance with TuGo? Our Travel Insurance FAQs are updated frequently, in immediate response to the everchanging circumstances brought on by COVID-19, as well as official Government of Canada travel advisories and warnings. We suggest you bookmark our page and continue to visit this helpful resource.

We recognize this is a stressful and concerning time for everyone and we thank you all for your patience! We’re doing our best to respond to the hundreds of calls and emails we’ve been receiving. If you’ve reached out to us by phone or email, know that we will get back to you—keeping in mind we’re prioritizing emergency assistance. Refunds and reimbursements will be followed up with in due time.


In an age where we’ve inherited a greater sense of duty to travel responsibly, the best thing for travellers to do right now is to come home and stay home—so that we all can get through this together safe and sound. #StayHome

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