Planning a honeymoon can be big pressure, especially on top of planning, budgeting and preparing for the big day. With so many top honeymoon destinations and honeymoon package vacations out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. These honeymoon vacation planning tips for a bespoke honeymoon will help you plan what’s right for you.

All types of honeymoons

A honeymoon, like a wedding, can be whatever you need or want. You can go with a classic honeymoon package (picture a secluded honeymoon suite on a private beach, with no one around for miles), or go for something more adventurous if that suits you better. Why not choose your honeymoon destination based on your favourite shared sport, or a shared cause?

Romance comes in many shapes and forms, and there’s nothing that says you have to stick to the traditional honeymoon package in a faraway place. Destinations closer to home or a place that has significance for your relationship might be a better option.

active couples try surfing honeymoon vacation covered by travel insurance

Think themes for inspiration

If  you both love surfing or skiing, for example, you could plan your honeymoon around the best destination for those sports. Other themes like eco-friendly travel, language lessons (are you both learning Spanish?) or favourite cuisines (do you both love Portuguese wine?) can be a great jumping off point. Do you both scuba dive? Whatever your honeymoon travel theme, choose something that’s personal and meaningful for you both.

Plan now, so you can relax while you’re there

Honeymoons are special, once-in-a-lifetime trips, so make the most of them, and approach the trip planning differently than you would a regular vacation. If you’re not typically a planner, try putting in a little more effort. If you tend to be an “over planner” allow more room for spontaneity, It is your honeymoon, after all (enough said)!

You don’t need to be together 100% of the time—build in some alone time too. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Give your spouse a few minutes alone every day to better savour meeting up again. Branch off in a store, meet in a café down the street, or find a little surprise to share together later.

Pack travel insurance for your honeymoon

Should you get trip insurance for you honeymoon? Yes! Absolutely! Most couples spend more on their honeymoon vacation than any other trip in their working years. Protect your vacation investment (and your sanity)!

Single trip travel medical insurance is the most common insurance, but Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption is also an excellent idea to cover your honeymoon vacation. Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption will protect you if you can’t leave on your trip or if something goes wrong while you’re away. Whatever your usual travel comfort levels, you’ll probably want to invest a little more than usual on this special trip, so don’t scrimp on the travel insurance.

hiking is a low budget and atypical honeymoon vacation activity

Honeymoon on a budget

Yes, it is possible! In general, there’s a reason why most couples tend to splurge a little more on their honeymoon trip—you want to focus on that romantic time together instead of battling for basic creature comforts. However, if money is tight, you can try a mini-moon, delay your honeymoon, or take an unconventional honeymoon planning approach.

For a cheaper honeymoon, you could camp under the stars, borrow a family vacation place, or pseudo-splurge on a staycation. If you can’t afford that extra bit of luxury, do a bit of extra research instead to book affordable accommodation and honeymoon packages and avoid bad surprises. Consider reviews from trusted sources (friends or family if possible as opposed to strangers’ reviews on the internet—those folk can have a wide range of travel standards!)

That extra legwork will be worth it to avoid booking a room that looks beautiful online, but smells like an open sewer, or choosing a gorgeous open air suite that’s fun at first, but offers no privacy from other guests during those intimate moments.

Drop the “H” word

The honeymoon vacation industry is big business, and destinations, restaurants and accommodations all want your good reviews! Be sure to drop the ‘H” word when you arrive—most vendors may be willing to do something extra to make your trip memorable.

Don’t be shy to ask for special touches like playing your song when you arrive in the room, chilling a bottle of champagne, or including a basket of your honey’s favourite snack food. Honeymoons get talked about a lot, and your good reviews will attract other couples. Everyone will ask, so be prepared to share your experiences!

Do you have any favourite honeymoon destinations or honeymoon planning tips to share? Leave a comment below!

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Honeymoon Vacation Planning Tips

Dec 1 2015