If you’re considering bringing your pet(s) along on your next adventure abroad, here are some things to note when travelling outside of Canada:

  1. Consult the Canadian government site to see if your pet requires a Canadian International Health Certificate by the country you’re going to.
  2. Check transportation requirements!
    • If you’re driving across the border into the USA, be aware that laws around pet transportation can vary even from state to state. If you’re unsure, you can contact US Customs and Border Protection at (877) 227-5511 or email them.
    • If you’re flying, be sure to check which airlines are/aren’t pet-friendly before booking. Air Canada and WestJet both have detailed information to help you plan accordingly. Also read “Dos and Don’ts when bringing your pet on a plane” (scroll to the bottom of the page).
    • If you’re travelling Via Rail, there are very specific requirements, so again, be sure to check before you book your ticket.
  3. There are tons of pet-friendly accommodations in larger cities, but if you’re heading somewhere rural, be prepared that it may be more of a challenge. Check out officialpethotels.com or petswelcome.com to help you in your search.how to travel with pets
  4. Visit your insurance broker to purchase travel insurance for you and your furry friend. If something should happen to you and you need to be returned to your home province, TuGo covers up to a maximum of $300 for the return of your accompanying pet (including dog, cat, bird, small reptile or small mammal), but you’ll have to check for coverage with other insurance providers. You may want to also consider pet insurance too, but you’ll want to consult your veterinarian and insurance broker to explain the benefits of coverage.

As for tips to help keep your pet(s) comfortable, I’m not a pet expert just a pet lover, so I’d rather give you a few suggestions for sites that I found useful: http://www.ovma.org/pet_owners/travelling_with_pet/ and http://www.petfriendly.ca/checklist.php. I’m sure that there are many others to help ensure everyone travels happily.

If you have any tried, tested and true tips or website suggestions, please share them with us!

Happy travels,


How To Travel With Pets

Aug 15 2013