If you’re planning a trip, the last thing you want to do is imagine what can go wrong. Of course, small things can happen when you travel, but there are also worst-case scenarios and risky adventures that should be covered by insurance. If you’re planning a longer, more expensive trip, you’ll likely want the peace of mind that travel insurance brings.

There’s nothing like a first-hand experience to turn you into an advocate for travel insurance. I’ve learned that something as simple as a thunderstorm can cancel all evening flights out of the airport. I was recently in Chicago for a day trip with plans to be home by 8pm, but the weather had other plans. Thankfully, my travel insurance covered all the costs for my new overnight trip, including a taxi, hotel, dinner/breakfast, toiletries and a new shirt.


A traveller’s real life examples of why you need travel insurance

In my professional travel industry experience, I’ve seen it all. For example, an insured lady falling on her front step while leaving for the airport. Her leg was badly broken, and she couldn’t travel. Her travel insurance covered various costs including her new vacation dates several months later.

I’ve also witnessed an insured man on a “dude ranch” vacation in Arizona. The horse he was riding slipped on a large rock and fell on top of him. His leg had multiple fractures and his hip was broken. His travel insurance provider quickly determined that it was in everyone’s best interest to fly him back to Canada for treatment and recovery. The out-of-country bill from the US without insurance would have been staggering!


How travel insurance protects you

In general, the older you are and the more remote your destination, the more crucial it is to buy travel insurance. It’s never been easier to buy the exact type of travel insurance you need at a reasonable price. Most people buy comprehensive insurance for a single trip, but annual travel insurance plans that cover multiple trips in a one-year period are becoming increasingly popular.

The cost of travel insurance depends on a variety of factors, including the price and length of the trip, your age, destination, and any optional add-ons you choose, like sports coverage.


TuGo Travel Insurance

If you’re a TuGo customer, you get complimentary access to TuGo’s flight delay service, MyFlyt™! If your flight’s delayed by 2 or more hours, you’ll get instant access to an airport lounge pass or cash payout at no extra charge.

If you’re off on an adventurous vacation, you may want to consider TuGo’s Optional Sports Coverages to add on to your Emergency Medical Insurance. TuGo has Contact, Adventure and Extreme Sports Coverages that vary depending on the activity and its associated risk. If you’re planning a ski trip to the Rockies from out-of-province, make sure you’re covered for out-of-province travel and any sports you plan on doing!

The cost of a “bucket list” trip can quickly add up with international airfares, accommodations and excursions, and a cancelled or interrupted trip could be very costly. You’ll be thankful for the peace of mind that TuGo Travel Insurance will provide for non-refundable pre-paid costs and coverage, if your trip is interrupted while you’re on vacation.

Every trip is different, and with world travel comes risk. If you travel outside of Canada or even just outside of your home province, you’ll need travel insurance to cover you in case of unexpected medical emergencies or accidents. If something does come up, you’ll be grateful that TuGo is there for you!

Safe travels,


Mark Crone: Why I Chose TuGo Travel Insurance

Feb 5 2020