Let me tell you the story of our travel insurance company, TuGo. More than 50 years ago, Herb and Georgina Robinson started the first travel insurance company in Western Canada…

They pioneered travel insurance as a response to travellers who lost out when flights were cancelled or delayed. Since then, we’ve been providing travel insurance and claims assistance to millions of travellers around the world. Today, our company starts a new chapter under one new name—TuGo!

TuGo Founders Herb and Georgina Robinson
Our founders, Herb and Georgina Robinson, in the early days. So stylish!

Why’d we pick the name TuGo?

TuGo is short and modern. It’s easy to remember, and that’s important so you know who to call in a travel emergency. TuGo is also a great reminder that good travel insurance is simple. Take this blog, for example; we put insurance in plain speak, because we know that insurance policies can be darn confusing! It’s up to us to provide clear information and helpful tools. At TuGo, we make travelling easier.

Who’s TuGo?

The reason we get up every day and come to work is because we believe that travel can help make the world a better place. The more we experience the world, the more likely we are to take care of it, right? Travelling helps us understand the people who share this planet and all the amazing things it has to offer. So, we want to help people travel more, and have great travel experiences to boot! We’ll help you make that happen—however we can.

TuGo is:

  • Helpful – our website and blog are examples of how we provide helpful information about travel insurance, travel destinations, news and even claims. We want to get this out in the open so you can be informed! With 50+ years of travel insurance experience, we really know quite a lot, if I say so myself! Lean on our expertise, and learn from our experience.
  • Fair – We genuinely care for our customers and partners and look out for their best interests, like building a deductible into our products to allow for mistakes on the medical health questionnaire. When it comes to claims, we show we care. That means doing the right thing to ensure travellers are properly covered.
  • Socially responsible – We take our community participation very seriously. It means a lot to work with Make-A-Wish® Canada to grant Wishes Across Canada, or bring a bit of holiday cheer to needy families in our own community. With an Employee Volunteer Program, strategic, long-term partnerships with Make-A-Wish, and supporting education in Tanzania or Red Cross Relief in the Philippines and Nepal, we play an active part. Travelling can make the world a better place and we try to as well.

TuGo Travel Insurance Canada

Besides the logo and name, what else is changing?

We put a lot of thought into our innovative technology to give you a better travel experience. Watch out for products and services that are easy, friendly and helpful. If you currently have a TuGo policy, don’t worry! There won’t be any changes to your existing travel insurance policy details or emergency assistance services. If you already have an open claim with OneWorld Assist, you will continue to be served by the company under this name until the claim is closed. You can view your claim status at tugo.com/claims.

We’re with you every step of the way. Ready for the adventure?

Come travel with us! Ask for TuGo Travel Insurance before your next trip.

Patrick Robinson, TuGo CEO Happy travels,Patrick Robinson


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Jun 22 2015