There’s a wide variety of winter sports in Canada which suits everyone’s tastes. Among them, snowmobiling is one of the most exhilarating and adventurous, and a hobby of many thrill-seeking Canadians. As with any motorized sport, caution is necessary as snowmobiling is one of the biggest causes for winter sports-related accidents. This is why snowmobile travel insurance is important to consider if you’re snowmobiling out-of-province or out of the country.

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What should your snowmobile travel insurance policy cover?

Snowmobile travel insurance comes in the form of a good emergency medical insurance policy. When looking for the best coverage, ensure that it covers doctors’ visits, prescriptions, hospitalization and emergency transportation such as emergency airlift. If you’d like more information on emergency transportation, read about emergency medical helicopter and air ambulance insurance.

Before hitting the slopes, ensure you stay protected by knowing the other reasons why snow sports travel insurance claims get denied.

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Things to know before snowmobiling:

  1. The minimum driver age and rules and regulations for snowmobiling in Canada can vary (even slightly) between provinces. Remember to research this before planning a trip!
  2. Snowmobiling can cause avalanches, so it’s important to be prepared ahead of time. We recommend an avalanche safety course to spot signs for a potential avalanche. Keep an eye on avalanche forecasts as well! You can also take a look at Avalanche Canada’s website for safety conditions.
  3. Like any other winter sport in Canada, being properly dressed is imperative to withstand the elements. Don’t forget your helmet and goggles!
  4. Don’t go alone, and always let someone else know about your plans and route information.

Snowmobiling is a lot of fun, but might not be for everyone. If someone in your group isn’t planning on snowmobiling but intends to partake in other winter sports, it’s still important for them to be covered with emergency medical insurance. If your loved ones are planning on snowboarding instead, read on to see the benefits of travel insurance for snowboarding.

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Snowmobile Travel Insurance

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