Family Travel Insurance: 3 of Your FAQs Answered

Mar 6 2018
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We’ve nearly made it through another long, frigid winter and spring is on its way! If you couldn’t escape for family vacation in the sun over the winter holidays, you’re probably ready to get out of dodge. Whatever the season, we’ll find any excuse for a holiday. Why not make March break yours? Whether you’re planning […]

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Top Things to Consider Before Renting a Vacation Home Abroad

Oct 18 2017
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Booking international travel requires a great deal of logistical planning. From visa application and transportation to accommodation and travel agendas, you want to make sure you’re fully prepared to make your foray to a foreign destination both magical and memorable! For travellers preferring vacation homes to hotels, it’s definitely a lot easier to book now […]

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How Travel Advisories Impact Your Travel Insurance

Aug 16 2016
Post by Linnea | Travel Insurance | 2 Comments

The uncertainty of travel is definitely something that sparks our wanderlust and makes it exciting. But recent terrorist attacks and political events have given a new meaning to travelling uncertainty, and have caused concerns, confusion and fear, even among the most seasoned travellers. It’s a sad reality, but acts of terrorism continue to be seen […]

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Turkey Travel Advisory and Your Travel Insurance Coverage

Jul 19 2016
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Our thoughts are with those affected by this weekend’s failed military coup in Turkey, which reveals more instability in a country that has seen repeated terrorist attacks in the past year. Since Friday night’s violent military coup attempt to overthrow the Turkish government, the conditions in Turkey have been top-of-mind for everyone, including us here […]

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