How Travel Advisories Impact Your Travel Insurance

Feb 19 2020
Post by Linnea | Featured Posts, Travel Insurance | 2 Comments

The uncertainty of travel is definitely something that sparks our wanderlust and makes it exciting. But it also seems that unforeseen events are happening on the daily; whether it’s the devastation of wildfires, menacing hurricanes, civil unrest and protests, epidemics or acts of terrorism, these events have given a new meaning to travelling uncertainty, even […]

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Traveller Story | How TuGo Travel Insurance Saved This Canadian Traveller

Jan 24 2020
Post by Sarah M | Travel Insurance, Traveller Stories | 3 Comments

Ever been deathly ill while travelling? Or at least felt like you weren’t going to make it home alive? If you’re a street-food lover or prone to travelling off the beaten track, chances are you have, and you need travel insurance. Half the fun of travelling is the adventure. But our customer, Clara, had an adventure that took a turn for the worst when she got sick in the jungles of Malaysia. Here’s her story.

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