Is Multi Trip Annual Insurance right for you?

Multi Trip Annual Insurance is designed for those who plan to travel more than once a year. Choosing between a Multi Trip Annual and a Single Trip plan for Emergency Medical Insurance depends on a number of things, such as frequency of travel, length of stay, your destination and other factors. It’s a smart option to benefit from savings, convenience and flexibility, all while getting the type of travel insurance that suits your personal travel needs.

Here’s a handy infographic to help you understand that Multi Trip Annual Travel Insurance—though it’s quite a mouthful to say out loud—isn’t as complicated as it might seem!


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Take advantage of the savings

Purchasing Multi Trip Annual Insurance is cheaper than buying Single Trip Insurance multiple times in a year. When you think about it, the more times you travel in a year, the more you save on travel insurance per trip!

Not only will you save money, you’ll also save time. You won’t need to worry about signing up for travel insurance every time you travel and can instead focus on the fun stuff—planning your itinerary, discovering points of interest or picking out which restaurants to try.

Buy it & forget about it—it’s all about the convenience

We all can get quite busy or—let’s be honest—sometimes downright forgetful. With a Multi Trip Annual plan, you won’t have to worry about remembering to buy travel insurance, since you’ll be covered for a full year. Not only that, but those under 60 can renew their policies year-after-year, hassle-free!

Multi Trip Annual Insurance is especially convenient for frequent fliers who travel out of their home province on business, or frequent shoppers who cross the border more than once a year—it’s perfect for short day and weekend trips.

Enjoy flexibility when travelling alone or with your family

Not all trips are created equal! Some trips span just a few days, while others last for weeks. Choose the average length of travel coverage that works best for you—if a trip ends up being longer than planned, simply contact your provider for an extension.

Belong to a family of travellers? Travel as you normally would, together and/or separately. Each family member under the policy will always be covered for that year!

Customize your Multi Trip Annual Plan

The plan you choose will ultimately depend on your destination. Do you want to enjoy unrestricted coverage anywhere in the world? Multi Trip Annual Worldwide plan is your best bet! Are you a domestic business traveller or simply an intrepid explorer of our country? Multi Trip Annual for Travel within Canada plan will suit you.

Including additional coverage options to your plan also gives you the freedom to customize your trips even more. Choose from optional coverages including Contact, Adventure or Extreme Sports Coverage, as well as Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance.

But don’t just take it from me. You can read travel blogger Rachel’s experience with TuGo’s insurance on her post: Things to Know About Multi Trip Annual Travel Insurance.

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The Benefits of Multi Trip Annual Travel Insurance

Oct 30 2018