Are you free as a bird with travel time on your side? Being more mature than most travellers doesn’t mean your trip can’t transform into an adventure. Safe and accessible, sure, but certainly not tame!

If you’re anything like us, you’re already planning your next 2020 trip. For inspiration’s sake, we’ve narrowed down 7 spectacular travel ideas to bookmark for your trip search. Whether you’re traversing the world, orchestrating a last-minute road trip, or mapping your migration south before those autumn frosts hit — we’ve got you covered.

In no particular order…

1. Rediscover the U.S. with a National Park loop

Sunrise at Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, by @shounen21,
Sunrise at Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California

Seasoned road warriors will be no strangers to a U.S. national park or two, but have you ticked off all of the parks in the Pacific Northwest? On top of discovering new gems, you might be surprised by how many free camping sites are available between state and national parks. Since 2012, a National Park Service task force has made increased park accessibility a top priority. And Rocky Mountain and Congaree National Parks are already fairly accessible, even for those in wheelchairs. Need a little more direction? Let the National Geographic’s National Park page be your guide.

2. Step back into history with a European river cruise

Sunrise over a small town near Zurich, Germany, by @captnhans,
Sunrise over a small town near Zurich

If you’re in the mood to trade roadways for riverways, Europe has it all, allowing you to explore as merchants once did. France is a superb option, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, we highly recommend a Rhine river tour. Not only can you relax and let the sights come to you — starting with the canals of Amsterdam — but you can see for yourself how magical Germany’s Black Forest is.

3. Venture into Norway’s wild places, for free

Mountain lookout, Norway, by @robertbye,
Mountain lookout, Norway

The land of ice and snow isn’t always so frosty. For the mature adventurer who has put the crampons away, but who wants a little more adventure, you may want to channel the Viking voyagers and see Norway’s majestic fjords firsthand. What’s more, every campground in Norway’s national parks is free to stay in! Allemannsretten, loosely translated as ‘the right to roam’, is a Norwegian law that allows everyone to camp for free, almost anywhere in the country. Talk about freedom! If you go at the right time, you might be able to catch some northern lights. Just be certain to camp in the wild space, and not on a farmer’s private land.

For more wild places, discover places that inspired your favourite Disney movies, as well as some sustainable travel spots.

4. Fly away to another world in Singapore

Solar-powered Supertrees, Singapore, by @jannerboy62,
Solar-powered Supertrees, Singapore

If you’re culture curious and fine with long-haul flights, this city of trees — both natural and manmade — is an extremely safe option to explore another world right here on earth. Vibrant in culture and progressive in terms of accessibility and walkability, you’ll find opportunities to explore for days on end. Singapore will open your eyes and mind. Be sure not to miss the solar-powered ‘supertrees’.

For more hot culture spots, read about inspiring travel books and cities known for their alfresco dining experiences.

5. Make a Hemingway Pilgrimage to Cuba

City street in Havana, Cuba, by @persnicketyprints,
City street in Havana, Cuba

No travel list would be complete without a Caribbean getaway filled with tropical escapism. Cuba is always a great choice for those looking for value — both financially and culturally. There, you can travel like Hemingway. Step back into the past with a tour of Havana in the morning, then crack open your novel du jour by the beach in the afternoon. Or, channel Ernest and learn to fish with the locals or write a line or two at his favourite watering hole.

Before you embark, you’ll want to review these clever tips for travelling to Cuba, as well as some insurance insights.

6. Discover cities by the sea in Portugal

Seaside buildings in Portugal, by @alexandre_dogreau on
Seaside buildings of Portugal

If you’re in the mood for something warm and exciting, but a ways from the Caribbean, Portugal could be just the ticket. The entire country is considered safe and affordable for those looking to drop anchor for several weeks or more. Plus, you’re only a short flight from the rest of Europe. Fun fact: The port wine-making process was accidentally invented when brandy was used to fortify wine held in oak caskets during import from Portugal to England. For more inspiration, explore these castles in southern Portugal and learn about the Algarve region.

7. Ride the rails through the true north, strong and free

Mountain valley, Alberta, Canada, by @emcomeau,
Mountain valley, Alberta, Canada

Last, but certainly not least. Arguably, the best way to see Canada is by train. Sip tea while you roll through the Canadian Rockies one day, see a haunted hotel or two, and tuck into a delicious French-fusion lunch in Montreal only days later. You’ll find jaw-dropping views are a-plenty on this ride, from quaint alpine towns to the metropolis of Toronto. Finally, you’ll set foot into the postcard scenes of the Maritimes, like Halifax’s Mahone Bay. While this is one of the more expensive ways to see the great white north, it’s more than worth the ticket to ride. Sit back and let the adventure come to you.

For you road trippers, the TuGo blog has many ideas and attractions to help you embrace Canadiana on the road. Who doesn’t love options?  Here are some exciting journeys for Viking adventurers looking for something a little more exotic.

Happy trails to you,


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