Group travel: the idea sounds fun, doesn’t it? Multiple groups of friends, different personalities, it should be a party everyday, right? In an ideal world, yes—group trips can be loads of fun! But if you’re the one planning the get-together, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone has fun—and agrees on the activities planned out.

After planning my best friend’s bachelorette in Scottsdale, I learned a few things while planning a group trip abroad. Here are some to help you with your trip-planning:


A big house is your best bet

If you’re travelling with more than 6 people, chances are, renting an Airbnb that sleeps everyone will be the best (and most affordable) way to go. You’ll have access to a common living area and kitchen, and maybe even a pool! It’s a great way to give everyone a chance to mingle and spend time with each other, rather than staying in secluded hotel rooms. It’s also a great way to prepare home-cooked meals!

Keep budgets in mind

Depending on who’s attending your group trip, you should always keep budgets in mind. People may be going through various stages in life – mortgages, babies on the way, putting themselves through school; whatever it is, be cognizant of other people’s budgets, and keep that in mind when booking reservations and planning activities—they’re already spending money on a flight, after all!

If you’re having a few fancier meals, mix in some meals at your Airbnb, or allot time for free activities, like a day at the pool to balance it out.

A snapshot of our bachelorette pool party in Scottsdale!

Create an itinerary

The most important thing to remember with a large group is that you need to take charge and plan a full itinerary. With 16 girls, in my case, decisions would’ve been all over the place if the meals weren’t sorted out, or nights out weren’t pre-booked. While you’re in the planning phase, ask guests for their input and what they’re hoping to get out of the trip.

From there, create your itinerary with activities, reservations, important meeting times, and maybe even dress codes. My goal for our Scottsdale bachelorette was to make the trip as easy as possible for everyone going. We provided the guests with a custom itinerary, frequently asked questions and notes, approximate food and beverage costs, and even a packing list!

You can’t please everyone

As hard as you try, you won’t always be able to please everyone. If you’re planning a stag or bachelorette, your main concern should be what the bride or groom wants to do. Focus on their needs and interests, and if the guests happen to love what you plan too, that’s a bonus! Don’t let the little things get you down; everyone will have something to say and may not agree with every decision. Don’t let it get in the way of having fun!


Buy your food and beverages from Costco

If you’re staying in a big house, keep the house fully stocked, so no one goes hungry or feels like there’s not enough to go around. For snacks, meals at home, and even beverages, Costco is your best friend. Not only are Costco’s portions perfect for large groups, but the price is right, too.

We thoroughly enjoyed cooking breakfast at home, having salads by the pool, and of course, late night meals after a full day out! The best thing about Costco? They’ll let you return anything you don’t open or use. This is key!!

Wherever your next group trip takes you, remember that if you’re travelling outside of your home province , you should always drink responsibly and understand why insurance and alcohol don’t mix.

Do you have any group trips coming up? Share where you’re going in the comments below!



Things I Learned While Planning a Group Trip Abroad

Jul 23 2019