It’s crazy to think that the only change to luggage, since the introduction of wheels in 1970, has been a few advances to materials. It’s no wonder luggage can be frustrating! Luckily smart luggage is using technology to give it the makeover it desperately needs! Whether you’re travelling for business, with kids, as a professional travel blogger or taking your yearly (or spontaneous) trip, there’s a smart carry-on suitcase for you.

Smart luggage is here to solve our baggage woes

New luggage technology and innovative design features relieve some of our most common baggage hassles and are gradually transforming the way we travel in the process. The introduction of technological features such as GPS tracking and built in scales, helps ease our uncertainty when we arrive at the airport. New design features, such as stronger wheels and larger handles make travelling with our luggage easier and hassle-free. Though many options and brands are still in the Kickstarter phase, they’ve been incredibly successful. You can tell that technology is only going to further integrate itself into our luggage and travel accessories, making us excited and hopeful for the next era of connected travel!

Smart Features we Love

Bluesmart is an easy to use a carry-on suitcase.
Hi-tech carry-ons like Bluesmart come with a range of features that take the stress out of travel.

USB ports

We’ve all wandered around the airport looking for a spot to charge our phones. Now, you can charge your phone right in your carry-on luggage! Most suitcases have 2 USB ports and some can even charge your tablet or laptop when stored in its specified slot.

Built in scales

Never reorganize your bag at the check-in counter again. Use the built-in scale to see how much your carry-on weighs before you even leave your house. And make sure you leave enough room for souvenirs as well!

Personal concierge

Do you need a little extra help planning and organizing your trip? Now, getting through the airport is a bit easier, thanks to this new feature that lets you check flight details, reservations and gate numbers all from your phone.

Secure opening

Unlock your carry-on with the tap of a finger (literally)! Brands like Bluesmart have also introduced apps that let you lock/unlock your bag using your smartphone.

Proximity sensor

Say goodbye to the days of anxiously waiting for your luggage to arrive at the carrousel. The proximity sensor lets you know when your suitcase is in or leaves your area.

Smart Carry-On Features for Every Type of Traveller

Business traveller

Are you constantly hopping from airport lounge to business class seat? Is your lap your most used desk? If that’s the case, then a carry-on suitcase with a built in laptop stand, USB ports and a GPS tracker are all musts! Use the laptop stand for your computer when waiting to board the flight and the USB port to make sure your phone is always charged and ready to use! The fingerprint ID is also helpful, especially if you’re storing multiple devices, documents or any expensive suits in your bag. You don’t want those stolen!

Recommended bag: G-RO

G-RO, smart luggage for business travellers
G-RO is the most successful luggage campaign in Kickstarter history.

Technology meets design with the G-RO smart carry-on. We love the longer handle and low-mass all-terrain wheels, which make it easy to bring with you anywhere. Use the USB port and GPS tracker to maximize your tech while you look on trend at any business meeting or networking event.

The tech obsessed

If you’re an early adopter, you’ll want an option that packs in as many features as it possibly can, so do your research to see which ones maximize technology. Look for options with GPS trackers, USB ports, built-in batteries, fingerprint ID locks, built in scales, proximity trackers, Bluetooth speakers and a personal concierge! With all those features, your travel bag is going to become your new best travel tech-buddy.

Recommended bag: Bluesmart

Use the Bluesmart app for lots of smart features
Connect the Bluesmart app with your suitcase for access to all kinds of smart features!

Bluesmart is the iPhone of smart luggage and packs in lots of features, with a well-designed app and sleek design.  We love that it’s designed for savvy travellers and how the app syncs your suitcase and smartphone with a location tracker powered by a global SIM card. It also has a battery charger that charges up to 6 times and an itinerary planner that includes information about your next destination. Since it’s designed for tech-savvy travellers, it has a water resistant shell to protect your gadgets from the elements.

The blogger

Since you’re constantly on the go, style and functionality are extremely important to you; and there’s a very good chance your luggage will make an appearance on Instagram. With the amount of time you spend online, technology in your luggage could be very helpful. Whether you’re charging your phone with the USB ports, using a laptop stand to update your blog, tracking your bag with a GPS or using the built in scale, smart luggage can help make your day to day blogging life a little bit easier when trekking through airports.

Recommended bags: Trunkster

The Trunkster has many cool features that combine tech and design, but our favourite is its revolutionary lack of zippers. Just roll its sliding door for easy access to your next Instagram worthy outfit! Use the built-in scale to always have peace of mind about your luggage weight and the USB port to keep your phone charged and ready to use. Its larger handle and spinner wheels also make it easy to roll through the airport. With all these features, you may even end up with extra time to take more pictures or have a minute to yourself.


If space and convenience excite you more than technology, try the Fugu. It includes an automatic pump to inflate your bag from carry-on to checked luggage in no time! When expanded, you can even use it as a desk or makeup stand and remove the built-in shelving. It also includes a GPS tracker and a removable laptop case that doubles as a laptop stand.

Family friendly

You need a carry-on bag that’s sturdy with lots of room to keep all of your belongings, as well as your kids’ stuff. Technological features that can keep your kids amused are also helpful. The USB ports can charge your phone and the iPad can keep you and your kids happy. The built-in tray is great to station kids in one place during layovers or even catch up on work. A Bluetooth speaker can even create mini dance parties for lots of laughs with your family!

Recommended bag: Barracuda

Sleek, convenient and tech friendly; the Barracuda will fit all your needs. Its laptop stand and USB port will keep you and your kids connected at all times. It even has a 360 degree rotating handle, so you can hold onto your suitcase no matter which direction you’re turned to. The best part about Barracuda though? It collapses down to 4 inches, so it’s easy to store.

Is it worth investing in a smart suitcase?

If the airport is your second home and your old school luggage frustrates you, then it may be time for an upgrade. These new features could ease the process of travelling with your carry-on luggage, making it a useful companion instead of a hassle.

What about prices?

The smart luggage featured in this post ranges from $350-$500. Carry-on suitcases by Briggs and Riley, Samsonite and Tumi can be anywhere between $260-$600+. The price depends on the durability and how new the bag is.

Since the technology is new and most of these smart carry-ons are still in the Kickstarter phase, the prices are similar to many traditional carry-ons. When they gain more popularity and the technology improves even more, the price could go up. At that point, if you find that the technology is helping you save time and hassle while in airports, then it would be worth the extra cost.

Is smart luggage TSA approved?

Most brands claim that they are TSA compliant and meet the standard check-in bag requirements, however tech luggage is still new and not all airport officials are familiar with the emerging technology which could result in more time during security clearance. One traveller (and features editor) recounts her experience of travelling with Bluesmart and how it resulted in unexpected delays at Chicago airport security.

Even smart luggage needs protection

Technology may be advancing, but accidents can still happen. For extra precaution, add Baggage Insurance to your Single Trip plan or package. It provides the ultimate peace of mind in protecting your personal items from loss, damage, destruction and theft.

So grab your new smart luggage, along with your baggage insurance, and travel through those airports with confidence. Your luggage is not just a place to store your clothes anymore; it’s making your journey easier.

Want more travel tips? Check out our blog posts on how to prevent lost luggage and how to avoid missing connecting flights!

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Jun 16 2016