If you’re over 60 and love to travel, you’re probably familiar with a Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ), which must be completed to determine your rate (not your eligibility) for TuGo® Travel Insurance. Our Customer Service team receives many calls about how medications and treatments impact MHQ rates. While we can’t speak to other travel insurance products, here’s how our Traveller product responds:

What’s the difference between taking prescribed medication and over–the-counter medication?

When answering TuGo’s Traveller MHQ, any medication that requires a prescription, or bought over-the-counter as per a doctor’s or other registered medical practitioner’s advice, would be considered medication.

Are there medications that I don’t have to count when I’m filling out the MHQ?

For Question #1 of our Traveller MHQ, you do not have to count aspirin, hypertension (high blood pressure) or high cholesterol medications, whether they’ve been prescribed to treat an existing heart condition or for preventative reasons. 

 Senior couple meeting with nurse
Take time to sit down with your doctor if there are questions you’re unsure about answering.

I’m confused with Question #4 of the MHQ. Do I have to count every condition I’ve ever had, in my lifetime?

For Question #4 of our Traveller MHQ, we only need to know any medical conditions that you are currently being treated for. Our MHQ is set up to get you the best price for the level of health you’re currently experiencing.

However, despite best efforts to complete the MHQ correctly, mistakes can happen; but TuGo’s got you covered! Unlike other providers who may void coverage and deny paying your claim, TuGo understands that mistakes happen; that’s why we’ve built protection into your policy.  We will review your claim and apply a $15,000 USD deductible to reimburse you for the remainder of your claims cost, subject to terms and conditions. It’s always best to protect yourself when answering an MHQ, so be sure to take note of our tips to avoid denied claims!

Do you have any additional questions about medications, treatments or conditions? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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TuGo’s Traveller Medical Health Questionnaire: FAQs for Senior Travellers

Jun 7 2017