Our thoughts are with those affected by this weekend’s failed military coup in Turkey, which reveals more instability in a country that has seen repeated terrorist attacks in the past year. Since Friday night’s violent military coup attempt to overthrow the Turkish government, the conditions in Turkey have been top-of-mind for everyone, including us here at TuGo.

If you’re planning to interrupt your trip and return to your home in Canada, or you’re thinking of cancelling your trip to Turkey, you’re likely wondering how your travel insurance protects you. Here’s TuGo’s advice:

Cancelling your trip to Turkey? See how your TuGo® policy covers you

If you’re travelling to Turkey, you may be wondering whether it’s safe to move forward with your travel plans. You may also be wondering whether your travel insurance – particularly your Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption plan, would cover the cost of your trip if you decided not to go.

TuGo’s Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption plan provides coverage for cancelling your trip if an official travel advisory is issued by the Canadian government after you bought your policy and booked your trip. In this case, the travel advisory for Turkey was announced by the federal government on Friday, July 15, advising Canadians to “avoid all travel”, which was then updated to “avoid non-essential travel”. If you booked your trip and purchased your policy before July 15, you’re eligible for trip cancellation coverage.



If you want to change your travel plans to Turkey

As a result of the military coup, some flights have been cancelled or diverted. If you’re making changes to your travel plans, contact your airline providers or booking agents to check the status of flights. Many airlines are also waiving change fees and offering refunds.

If you’re already in Turkey

Stay indoors, avoid large crowds and take extra care in public places – particularly resort areas and those visited by foreigners. If you’re injured, contact local emergency services immediately to get medical attention.

If you have a TuGo Travel Insurance plan and need support, call our worldwide collect emergency number at 604-278-4108. We’ll coordinate medical care and help you get in touch with the Canadian Embassy or Consulate, if needed. Your Travel Medical or Trip Interruption plan may cover your injuries and pay for your return home.

If you’re trying to leave Turkey, contact your airline or travel agent to find alternate routes or airports to get you to your final destination.

To keep up-to-date on travel advisories for Turkey and other countries, check out the Government of Canada’s website. Have questions related to this event? Leave a comment for us below.

Stay safe and travel smart,


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Jul 19 2016