Zika Virus – How TuGo Travel Insurance Covers Pregnant Women

Reports of the mosquito-borne Zika virus spreading have continued to ramp up in the past few days, with the World Health Organization adding to the list of countries that have reported it.
However, as of January 29 at 10:00 am PST, a Public Health Agency of Canada press conference confirmed no formal travel advisory will be put in place, noting “very little risk” to Canadians. To date, four Canadians (from BC, Alberta and Quebec) have been diagnosed.

We’ve reviewed the situation with regards to pregnant travellers 

At TuGo, we help however we can. We recognize there have been worldwide concerns about the Zika virus, and understand that this is a stressful time for pregnant women and their families. In light of this, we’re making the following exceptions to our travel insurance for Canadians.
If a pregnant traveller bought a Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption policy before January 28, 2016, TuGo will make the following exceptions when travelling to Zika-affected countries identified by the Canadian government.
Exception #1
If a pregnant customer* wishes to cancel or interrupt her trip, TuGo will reimburse benefits as listed in the policy wording. Customers* simply submit a claim for these expenses.
Exception #2
If a pregnant customer* wishes to change the travel dates and/or change the destination, TuGo will reimburse the airline’s change fees. Customers* simply submit a claim for these fees.
However, TuGo won’t cover any additional costs to change the trip itinerary. If a traveller submits a claim for the change fees on the original policy, the customer would need to purchase a new policy for their new trip.
Note: Pregnant customers* who choose not to travel and have purchased an Emergency Medical plan can get a refund prior to the effective date of their policy. For more information please refer to your policy.
*Customer means insured traveller, travelling companion, or family members as defined in the policy, all insured under TuGo. Customers must be travelling with someone who is pregnant.
If you have any questions, feel free to call our Customer Service team toll-free at 1-855-929-8846 or send an email to info@tugo.com.
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