On October 17, 2018, cannabis (AKA marijuana, pot, chronic, and many other names) becomes legal in Canada. But what does this mean for travelling outside of our progressive country? We break down what it could mean for your travel plans and insurance coverage.

Don’t travel with cannabis

While cannabis will be legal and regulated under Canada’s Cannabis Act, this won’t  change international  border rules. Taking cannabis or any product containing it in or out of Canada will still be illegal. Even bringing cannabis used for medical purposes across the Canada/US border will remain illegal.

Destinations where cannabis is legal

The same rules apply even for travellers visiting US States or countries like the Netherlands, where cannabis is legalized or decriminalized. Travelling with cannabis internationally could result in serious legal troubles and criminal penalties, in Canada and abroad.

Travelling outside Canada with cannabis
Just because pot is legal in Canada, doesn’t make it legal to travel with

How TuGo® Travel Insurance responds for those who use cannabis and are planning to travel

If you have an emergency medical insurance claim unrelated to cannabis, but you take doctor-recommended medicinal marijuana, your claim may be covered, whether or not it’s legal in the location the claim occurred.

But keep in mind, cannabis-related accidents or illnesses will affect emergency medical coverage while travelling, even within Canada. Any abuse or misuse of cannabis isn’t covered. It’s also important to know that if cannabis is recommended by a doctor, the cost of the cannabis won’t be covered, since our policy only provides coverage for prescription drugs, and not over the counter medications.

Know how your travel policy works

Don’t let your travel investment go up in smoke… sorry, I couldn’t help myself. But in all seriousness! It’s really important to read and understand your travel insurance policy; if after reading it, you’re still unsure about what it all means, contact your insurance professional for help.

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What You Need to Know about Cannabis and Travel Insurance

Oct 10 2018