It’s almost that time of year again; Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even Christmas are only just a few weeks away!

Many Canadians, especially those living in towns or cities close to the Canada/US border, are still regularly shopping in the US for groceries, gas and other day-to-day necessities. And many travel back and forth over the border, without even thinking about it. That’s why it’s key to have travel insurance in place, so you don’t have to think about it either.

elbow sprain xray
Even a sprain can be costly in the US

Accidents can happen, even on shopping day trips

Take Tara’s experience…. while shopping in a US retail store, she slipped on spilled nail polish. She was rushed to a local hospital, where it was determined she had a sprained elbow. Luckily, her medical situation wasn’t life-threatening, but even determining her diagnosis cost thousands of dollars.

Travel insurance is a must-have for any last-minute border trip

The US has some of the highest medical costs in the world. And despite popular belief, provincial healthcare plans only cover a small portion. Having emergency medical travel insurance covers you and your family for ambulance rides, x-rays, treatment and more. After all those deals you headed down for, you don’t want to end up spending more of your hard-earned money on medical expenses!

Think you’re already covered by your credit card? Make sure you know the ins and outs of your coverage before you leave Canada for a day trip or an extended one!

If you’re heading to the US for a bargain, be sure you’re covered by travel insurance

Why cross-border travellers should consider Multi Trip Annual travel insurance

If you travel more than once, and especially if you’re travelling over the border frequently to the US, a Multi Trip Annual travel insurance plan is your best bet for coverage. Not only will it save you money, since it’s more economical to buy one Annual policy for the year, it’s also more convenient. All you have to do is get it for you and your family, and each one of you is set for travel for the year ahead!

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Why Canadians Shopping in the US Need Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Oct 24 2018