The recent story of an Ontario man that was charged $18K for a Yukon air ambulance is another unfortunate reminder that Canadians need travel insurance within Canada. Many Canadians don’t know that provincial healthcare won’t foot all the bills if something were to happen out-of-province!

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If Nelson Samuel of Gravenhurst had travelled with emergency medical travel insurance, his insurer would have covered the air ambulance. Here at TuGo, beyond covering your emergency medical expenses, we can also offer emergency assistance while you’re travelling, and even arrange the Medevac or air ambulance for you.

The 2014 polar bear attack on a Montreal woman, Erin Greene, is another example of why Canadians need travel insurance for trips within Canada. Erin Greene wasn’t covered for the air ambulance that took her to the hospital, nor was she covered for the ground ambulance services. All in all, it cost her over $13,000 in medical bills!

Before you travel, you should arm yourself with information about your health coverage. This is something few Canadians know, and it’s an issue we feel strongly about. Read on to see what other services are not covered by your provincial healthcare plan.

Did you know that buying a Multi Trip Annual Worldwide policy with TuGo automatically covers you within Canada? However, not all travel insurance plans are created equally. Make sure you check exactly what you’re covered for, as well as how high your deductible is. If you don’t have an annual travel insurance policy yet, these are the questions you need to ask your broker.

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Why You Need Travel Insurance, Even Within Canada

Sep 18 2015