The spread of the Zika virus has had many future parents questioning their travel plans, and reasonably so – medical professionals worldwide advise travellers to carefully heed warnings regarding the mosquito-borne illness, particularly for those who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant soon. There have been many travel advisories regarding the virus, including popular sunny destinations like Mexico and South America.

While the health and safety of your future family are always your primary concern, there are still many great destinations for a pre-baby vacation. Whether you consider a less conventional locale, opt for a staycation, or choose to go a little further than you had planned, you still have a variety of great options for a pregnancy friendly vacation without the risk of Zika.

Stay a little closer

The Zika virus has spread primarily in the Caribbean and equator countries, but these aren’t the only sunny destinations to visit. Consider staying in places south of the border, like Nevada. Destinations such as Las Vegas provide beautiful pools, world class food, and stage performances for every taste.

Vacationers enjoy Waikiki beach near the Duke Kahanamoku statue, surrounded by palm trees
Waikiki beach in Honolulu, Hawaii provides a traditional beach vacation far from the centre of the Zika epidemic

If you’re looking for a more traditional destination, Hawaii is a great option. While still offering everything you would expect from a typical beach getaway, the Hawaiian Islands are far into the pacific, giving lots of space between this locale and the centre of the Zika epidemic. With beautiful oceans and many options for relaxing resorts, Hawaii is a great destination for your last vacation before baby.

Go a little farther

Another great way to protect yourself from Zika is by travelling a little further than your typical vacation destination.

The African country of Seychelles offers all you might expect from a warm getaway. The country has encouraged foreign investment in hotels and other tourism related projects, providing many options for travellers. The country also offers deep cultural influence, making it an unusual yet fascinating place to explore.

A path winds down to a beach in front homes in Mallorca, Spain, during sunset.
Mallorca, Spain, features cultural landmarks as well as serene beaches, perfect for a relaxing, Zika-free getaway

A slightly closer destination providing beaches and beautiful views is Mallorca. Just off the coast of Spain, Mallorca is a known destination for Europeans looking to escape cooler weather. The island showcases incredible coves as well as Roman remains, making it the perfect destination for both exploring and relaxing.

Forego the heat

If hot destinations are not your goal, or still feel risky, then consider foregoing the sun altogether. London is a cultural mecca, with its famous museums and reputation for incredible theatrical shows. Add great shopping and beautiful, historic streets, and you’ll forget you were ever a sun-seeker! If London becomes your destination of choice, do check these travel tips from a former Londoner.

View of the harbour in Rockport, Maine
Stay a little closer to home and soak in the scenery of the eastern seaboard.

A closer option might be border hopping on the east or west coast. The eastern seaboard features train travel and foliage viewing through New England. Boston and New York offer many options cultural and historic tours, in addition to distinct dining, music and theatre. On the west coast, cities like Seattle and Portland each offer their own wealth of tourist attractions as well as diverse food and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for relaxing walks, incredible food, or diverse music and entertainment, you’re sure to find whatever may interest you on the West Coast.

For pregnant couples on a budget, check our City on a Budget Series to travel to New York and Seattle on a dime. We’ve also uncovered some of the best attractions and suggestions for first-time travellers to Portland.

Safe South American options

While equator and Caribbean countries are considered the centre of the Zika epidemic, some countries have not yet reported any local-borne cases of the virus.

Colourful homes in Valparaiso overlook the water
Valparaiso, Uruguay has not yet reported any native-borne cases of the Zika Virus

Uruguay and Chile provide similar cultural offerings to their other South American siblings, but have yet to report a locally contracted case of the Zika virus. Uruguay offers ocean front views in Montevideo, photo ops in Colonia, and relaxing hot springs in Rio Uruguay. With Chile’s endless coastline, the famous Easter Island Moai, and a rural tourist experience few other destinations can advertise, you can’t go wrong! Check out this photo essay featuring adventures in Chile and get inspired.

Travel Safety & Travel Insurance Tips for Pregnant Travellers

If you’re planning on travelling to a country that has reported Zika, consider the following tips to be prepared for your trip.

  • Staying away from countries with reported Zika cases is the simplest option to protect yourself. If you have a choice, pick a Zika-free destination.
  • If you aren’t able to avoid travelling to a country that has reported Zika, talk to your doctor or medical practitioner about the best way to avoid the virus, like wearing long sleeve shirts and pants and using insect repellants.
  • Before you travel, check Govt. of Canada or Centers for Disease Control & Prevention for the latest information on areas impacted by the virus. Keep a look-out for Zika related travel advisories before and after booking your vacation, and understand how travel advisories impact your travel insurance policy.
  • Make sure you research your travel insurance coverage for your pregnancy. Here’s what you need to consider when you’re selecting travel insurance for your babymoon.Have any questions related to Zika advisories for your destination or travel insurance? Share them in the comments below or contact TuGo’s Customer Service toll-free at 1-855-929-8846.

Pregnancy can be an exciting yet stressful time for expecting parents, so its important to take a moment to relax. With this list of babymoon ideas, you can keep your pregnancy stress and Zika free!

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