4 Reasons to Visit Haida Gwaii

For over 13,000 years, members of the Haida nation have resided in the lush 10,000 km2 archipelago off of BC’s northern Pacific coast, practicing their cultural traditions and living off the bounty of the land and sea.

5 Places to Eat in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana: the rich, hot and hearty base of the American melting pot. Home of the Saints, the birthplace of jazz, and a marvel of international architecture, you can easily spend a vacation here endlessly feeding your intellectual and cultural curiosity.

Where to Go Next: Jordan

For our honeymoon, my husband and I decided to take 4 months to do a short world tour. He picked places, I picked places, and when I had Jordan as one of my top 3 spots, my hubby was skeptical.

Coronavirus-free Travel

Lately, there’s been a general sense of worry across the world, centering on COVID-19 (coronavirus). That’s understandable, since fear is a natural response to the unknown. But the round-the-clock coverage in the media will most likely continue to lead to increased fear and concern.

Ready for your next trip?

Ready for your

next trip?

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