More and more Canadians are booking cruises. If you’re lucky enough to be setting sail this winter, make sure to get cruise travel insurance first. While emergency medical policies protect against unexpected illnesses and injuries, trip cancellation/interruption may meet your other needs.

Cruise ship travel insurance over 65
Seniors vacationing on a cruise ship

Below, we answer your frequently asked questions:

“Is cruise travel insurance for over 65 available?”

Many cruisers are over the age of 65 and have this concern. A comprehensive emergency medical plan should cover you all the way up to age 89 and sometimes beyond. However, unlike some other providers, TuGo covers travellers regardless of age! Just make sure you’re not travelling against a doctor’s advice and you haven’t been diagnosed with a terminal condition.

“What if I get seriously sick in the middle of the ocean?”

Cruising is mostly a safe way to travel, but getting sick or injured on a cruise is a common concern. Comprehensive emergency medical coverage for cruise holidays won’t leave you stranded. In fact, if needed, your insurance provider should arrange for you to be air evacuated to a proper medical facility. Travelling with a friend? If you’re returned to your original departure point, your provider should arrange to fly him or her home too!

Still not ready to throw in the towel?  You might not have to! If you want to continue your trip after returning home for treatment, you could be covered for a one-way return airfare to continue as originally booked.

“What if I miss my flight and miss getting on board the ship?”

Many cruises start off in the US. This means you may have to fly to your departure port. That’s why trip cancellation/interruption coverage is crucial. It will cover the cost of your flight. It could also reimburse a one-way economy airfare or transportation costs to catch up with a tour, or a one-way airfare to your next destination.

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