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Family Travel Insurance: 3 of Your FAQs Answered

We’ve nearly made it through another long, frigid winter and spring is on its way! If you couldn’t escape for a fami

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Travel Smart: 5 Hi-Tech Carry-Ons for Every Connected Traveller

Jul 16 2018
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It’s crazy to think that the only innovation to luggage, since the introduction of wheels in 1970, has been a few advances in materials used in their construction. It’s no wonder that suitcases can be a frustrating part of travel, even today! Luckily, ‘smart’ technology is giving luggage the makeover it desperately needs. There’s a […]

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Budget Travel Tips for Canadian Students

Jul 3 2018
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Looking to travel abroad for the summer break? What a great time to experience the world! It just comes at a bit of a higher price this time of year—you’re now into high season for flights, accommodations and attractions. But if you’re a student, you’ll have a bit of an advantage! You probably know that […]

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Family-friendly Road Trip Ideas in Canada

Jun 25 2018
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Canada is a land of plenty—framed on each coast by the land-shaping tides of the Atlantic and the Pacific, there’s plenty of mountains, glaciers, valleys, plains, deltas, islands, bodies of water and communities to discover and explore in between. You might already know which parts of Canada you’d like to visit someday and maybe even […]

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How to Speed Up the Travel Insurance Claims Process

May 15 2018
Post by Melissa | Travel Insurance | 8 Comments

Travel can bring unexpected events… usually good ones, but sometimes some not so good ones too. That’s why having travel insurance to cover the unexpected ones is so important. But who wants to stress over claiming on travel insurance due to illness or an injury, a travel insurance claim for cancellation, or a motor vehicle […]

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