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Ontario Health Insurance – 5 Things to Know Before You Leave Canada

On January 1, 2020, Ontario’s Ministry of Health terminates its “Out Of Country” (OOC) coverage for residents. While that sounds scary, it doesn’t have to be! We dug into the changes and have determined 5 key things that Ontarians need to know. 1. If you travel outside of Canada, you’ll need travel insurance to cover […]

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Pre-Travel Vaccinations: A Guide for Canadian Travellers

Why Investing in All Inclusive Travel Insurance is a Great Idea

Traveller Story | How TuGo Travel Insurance Saved This Canadian Traveller

Jan 24 2020
Post by Sarah M | Travel Insurance, TuGo Traveller Stories | 3 Comments

Ever been deathly ill while travelling? Or at least felt like you weren’t going to make it home alive? If you’re a street-food lover or prone to travelling off the beaten track, chances are you have, and you need travel insurance. Half the fun of travelling is the adventure. But our customer, Clara, had an adventure that took a turn for the worst when she got sick in the jungles of Malaysia. Here’s her story.

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Tips for Renting a Place with Airbnb

Jan 22 2020
Post by Thomas Boudel Tan | Travel Tips | Leave a comment

With nearly 150,000,000 users and listings available in more than 65,000 cities, Airbnb has secured a profitable share of the travel industry. When you rent an apartment with Airbnb rather than a hotel room, you often get more space at a lower cost, especially when travelling with a larger group in need of multiple bedrooms.

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