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Tips for Submitting a Claim: Debunking the 4 Most Common Claim Myths

We all know that travelling without travel insurance is never a good idea, but when you have to use your insurance, how do you go about making a claim? There are many common myths around claims, most of which are far-fetched. To help you understand how to deal with claims a little better, we’re debunking […]

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Top 9 Destinations for Climbing Abroad

Jul 16 2019
Post by Amanda Bischke | Travel | Leave a comment

Life on a climbing trip is rather simple; you wake up, eat breakfast, join a group of friends as you dance up a nearby cliff, return to camp, cook dinner, go to bed and do it all again. These are the days where friendships are formed, memories are made, and happiness is never ending.

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5 Beer Festivals from Around the World

Jul 4 2019
Post by Sarah M | Travel | Leave a comment

Beer brewing and tasting have long been enjoyed all over the world, and with craft beer festivals gaining popularity, there are so many options to choose from. So, if you’re a beer lover with a taste for adventure, why not travel for the beer this year?

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