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7 Spooky Places to Go for Halloween This Year

Sep 26 2018
Post by Sarah | Travel | Leave a comment

Looking forward to fall foliage, sweater weather and pumpkin spice everything? Or perhaps the season holds a more sinister appeal…after all, Halloween is nigh! If you’re in need of a scare, go somewhere ghostly this fall! To inspire you, we’ve compiled 7 of the spookiest travel destinations in Canada below. Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia […]

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Exotic Yet Accessible Senior Travel Destinations for 2018/2019

Sep 5 2018
Post by Melissa | Travel, Travel Tips | Leave a comment

Some of the international destinations we might initially dismiss as being a bit too exotic for seniors, who may need a bit more comfort and convenience, can actually surprise us with unexpected accessibility! A great example of this is Bangkok, Thailand, recently featured by a number of travel publications as a premier senior-friendly destination city. […]

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