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Ontario Health Insurance – 5 Things to Know Before You Leave Canada

On January 1, 2020, Ontario’s Ministry of Health terminates its “Out Of Country” (OOC) coverage for residents. While that sounds scary, it doesn’t have to be! We dug into the changes and have determined 5 key things that Ontarians need to know. 1. If you travel outside of Canada, you’ll need travel insurance to cover […]

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5 Things Snowbirds Should Know Before Travelling

Feb 7 2020
Post by Sam | Travel Insurance | Leave a comment

It’s the dead of winter, and as Canadians hunker down from coast to coast, there’s one lucky group of them that have their mittens holstered and toques in storage: the snowbirds. Every year, thousands of Canadians make their way to warmer climates, often spending the bulk of their winter salting margarita rims instead of sidewalks.

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Where to Go Next: Sayulita, Mexico

Feb 3 2020
Post by Jessica | Travel Inspiration | Leave a comment

We were looking to book a last-minute trip somewhere warm. Have you been in this position? Obvious places spring to mind, and obvious clichés: we’ve been there before, so it will be easy… everyone goes there, but it’s not that busy… you can’t beat the five-hour direct flight…

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