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What You Need to Know about Cannabis and Travel Insurance

On October 17, 2018, cannabis (AKA marijuana, pot, chronic, and many other names) becomes legal in Canada. But what does

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Exotic Yet Accessible Senior Travel Destinations for 2018/2019

Sep 5 2018
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Some of the international destinations we might initially dismiss as being a bit too exotic for seniors, who may need a bit more comfort and convenience, can actually surprise us with unexpected accessibility! A great example of this is Bangkok, Thailand, recently featured by a number of travel publications as a premier senior-friendly destination city. […]

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Wine Touring Through the Okanagan

Aug 28 2018
Post by Thomas | Travel | Leave a comment

With nearly 200 licensed wineries and over 8,000 acres of vineyards, the Okanagan Valley is a dream destination for wine lovers. Each year, around 1 million visitors from all over travel to BC to visit the wineries. Whether you’re a wine expert always on the hunt for the perfect bottle or a wine lover looking […]

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How to be a Responsible Traveller

Aug 21 2018
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We often see the words “responsible” and “travel” used in the same sentence; although an obvious pairing for us these days, traditionally, the focus of travel has mostly been on the traveller and what a destination can do for them. While this might seem a little one-sided at first glance, there are current trends in travel […]

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Planning a Zika-Free Babymoon: 5 Ideas for a Safe Pre-Baby Vacation

Aug 7 2018
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When reports of the mosquito-borne Zika virus first made the news in 2016, pregnant women and their families were concerned, especially if they were planning trips. Although it’s taken a back seat to other news, Zika’s still around…and if you’re pregnant or trying and planning a babymoon, it’s probably top-of-mind. Instead of skipping that last […]

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