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Colleen is TuGo’s Digital Marketing Manager. She has travelled to 14 countries and spent two years working and living in Seoul, South Korea, where she taught business English and edited a business and economics magazine. She firmly believes that one of the best ways to explore a new city is to run or bike through it and eat local street food. So far in her travels, her favourite countries include Vietnam and Scotland.

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Justin is a Marketing Communications Specialist at TuGo. He’s lived on both coasts of Canada and a few places abroad. When travelling, Justin likes to explore urban areas and rural landscapes on foot or on drives, discover hidden, forgotten things, sample local street and home-cooked food, and soak in the culture of a new place—usually with a camera strapped on his shoulder.

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Linnea is TuGo’s Community Marketing Specialist. With a mix of Swedish and Filipino heritage, she loves exploring new cultures and cuisine from all over the world. A few of her favourite adventures include living pura vida on the beaches of Costa Rica, exploring her grandparents’ hometowns in the backcountry of Sweden, and soaking up the scenery in Lake Como, Italy.

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Marie is TuGo’s Translator and French Social Media Coordinator. She’s from Quebec but she’s lived in Germany and two other Canadian provinces. The one thing still connecting her to Quebec is her love for hockey and the Montreal Canadiens. Returning to Germany after 20 years was one of her favorite trips.

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Melissa is TuGo’s Marketing Communication and Brand Manager. As an avid traveller who’s been to 20 countries and counting, she’s been lucky to have explored the beaches of Santorini by ATV, trekked Peru’s Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and indulged in some of the finest culinary marvels Italy has to offer!

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Sarah is a Marketing Communications Specialist at TuGo and a bona fide travel enthusiast. Some of her most unforgettable travel experiences include taking in the breathtaking views from the Great Wall of China, feeling weightless in the Dead Sea in Jordan, and getting lost in Ghana’s many bustling markets. Wherever Sarah travels, she can’t resist a well-prepared meal or a stretch of sandy beach.

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