Tips to Travel Internationally with Medication and Prescription Drugs

If you’re setting out on the vacation of a lifetime, travelling with medication can be a daunting task with so many re

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Cross-Border Shopping- How Much Can I Bring Back to Canada?

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Yes, cross-border shopping has declined over the years, but even with a low loonie, Canadians are still heading south in search of discounted clothing, cheaper cheese, and lower-priced flights. According to the Conference Board of Canada, travel to the US is expected to return to normal growth in 2017. And with Black Friday fast approaching […]

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How to Carry Money When Travelling Abroad

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When you take your hard-earned money on vacation, it’s important to do it right. With these crucial tips on how to carry money while travelling abroad, you’ll travel safely, and you’ll never be stuck with pesky leftover foreign currency when you come back from your next getaway. 1. Make sure you have a foreign-friendly credit […]

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