With travel becoming more accessible to people than ever before, we as travellers have a shared responsibility to, well, travel responsibly. Although travelling is a very personal experience, it can have far-reaching effects on others and the world around us.That’s why there’s been an upward trend over the years towards more conscientious, sustainable travel—there’s a clear need for it. In honour of Earth Day, we’d like to list our top destinations that take initiatives to provide eco-friendly, ethical or sustainable experiences for travellers.

Earth Day has been celebrated annually on April 22 since 1970. Various events in many countries around the world are held to support the cause for environmental protection.

Responsible travel solutions to global problems

High-volume carbon emissions, overtourism in places with unsustainably-high tourist traffic, pollution and invasive practices in sensitive ecosystems are just some of the major problems that we face around the world. We may not be able to solve these problems all by ourselves as one among millions of other travellers, but we can certainly do our part with the power of choice. We can consciously choose where to go, what to do, see or eat while we’re there, and ultimately, why we do it.

Want to know how to be a responsible traveller yourself, or planning your next sustainable holiday? Start with our previous post about the need for responsible travel in today’s world.

10 destinations for sustainable tourism

Although most countries might have responsible practices in some form or another, here are a list of countries that have earned a reputation for their commitment to sustainable tourism initiatives. Would you like to suggest other destinations? Feel free to share some ideas in the comments below!





Costa Rica






New Zealand


The Nordic Countries—Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark








If you need more help picking out your next sustainable travel destination, seek out green travel companies who connect responsible travellers to responsible tourism and accommodation operators.

Be wary of companies that make deceptive PR claims to be sustainable in principle but not in practice. This is known as a form of “greenwashing”. When in doubt, do your research!

Be responsible towards yourself, the traveller

Just as we should aim to be responsible in our travel habits and practices, we owe it to us to be responsible towards ourselves, too. Make sure to read up on emergency medical travel insurance to keep your mind at ease—medical emergencies can happen at any time, even in the safest and most sustainable of environments.

Safe and responsible travels,


10 Sustainable Travel Destinations to Visit

Apr 22 2019