Are you a frequent flyer or an annual adventurer? Chances are, you’ve dealt with a cancelled flight, been bumped last minute, or arrived at your destination sans baggage!

While Canadians are still waiting for a comprehensive airline passenger bill of rights, we do have some protection when things go wrong.

Whether you’re going on a spring break getaway or planning your summer vacation, get more travel savvy with these 5 need-to-know flyer rights!

  1. Get compensated for baggage bust ups.Getting to your destination to find your baggage got left behind is a drag! But if the airline’s lost or damaged your bag, you might be compensated. Keep in mind, the amount varies per airline and destination. For example, Air Canada offers up to $1,500 per passenger and WestJet up to $1,800.

    Want more coverage? Find out how non-medical travel insurance (including baggage) covers you!

    Image of a family (or passengers), talking to the staff of an airline, who are unaware of their rights.
    Airline Passengers Who Need to Know their Rights.
  2. Delayed baggage? Expect delivery to your door!You arrive, but your baggage is delayed? At least it’s not lost! If this is the case, your airline will have to deliver it to you. You won’t have to go back to get it.
  3. Bumped from your flight? Cash back, please!If you get bumped from a flight due to overbooking, the airline’s required to provide some compensation. They also have to offer you the choice of cash or a travel voucher.  Air Canada has to compensate up to $800 depending on the length of the delay. And WestJet now provides denied flight compensation for flights to and from Canada.
  4. By law, airlines have to make their tariffs (contract between carrier and passengers) available to the public.Learn more about your rights at your airline’s business offices, website or the Canadian Transportation Agency’s airline repository.
  5. Airline won’t help? Check out the Canadian Transportation Agency’s Resources for Travellers!

It’s their job to resolve disputes between passengers and airlines.

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5 Need-to-Know Flyer Rights

Mar 24 2015