I recently ventured into Andalucia, a southern region of Spain distinct from the rest of the country because of its Moorish background. I flew into one of the biggest port cities of the region, Málaga, from where my friend and I rented a car to explore the small villages that adorn Málaga’s outskirts.

Our first stop was Benamargosa, where we hoped to find avocado and citrus orchards. Benamargosa is about 50 kilometres from Málaga’s city centre, and leads you inland, away from the Costa del Sol. The drive to Benamargosa was beautiful; we took narrow roads where the foliage brushed against the side of our car.

We spent just enough time in Benamargosa to walk through some orchards surrounding the town, and were rewarded with sweet-smelling air and friendly honks from passing cars.

We proceeded to Comares, which proved to be a fairly difficult drive—we battled steep, mountainside roads which our little sedan thankfully triumphed over. Upon reaching Comares, we knew it was worth the drive. This is the view that greeted us when we parked our trusty little sedan:

View from vehicle of the mounainside in Comares Andalucia

Comares is one of Andalusia’s many white villages. It reminded me a bit of Santorini. I fell in love with the white of the walls against the rust-coloured tile roofs.

exploring andalucia

We followed a set of footprints that took us around the village’s winding roads.

Tiled walkway in the village of Comares Andalucia at Casa Los Arcos

Photo of a lady standing in an archway wearing sandals and a hat in Comares Andalucia
Me, grinning from ear-to-ear, under one of the many white arches

We ended our trip with a meal at Molino de los Abuelos, an old olive mill remodeled into a little restaurant. I definitely recommend a meal here; the view is amazing, so dine al fresco.

Scenic View of Comares Andalucia Village at the edge of mountain side cliffs

We wanted to visit a few other villages in the area, but didn’t have the time. If you’re in this area of Spain and have more than a day, consider checking out Colmenar and Trapiche. Remember to start the drive with a full tank of gas, and take a car that can battle the mountain roads.

Have you been to Andalucia before? Where did you go, and what did you do?

Exploring the White Villages of Andalucia

Nov 26 2013