So you’re home from your trip…problem is, you’ve had to return earlier than planned. Maybe you or your travelling companion got sick or injured on the road, or one of you lost a job? Or maybe your baggage was lost in transit? Good thing you had travel insurance!

You may be able to claim a portion of your trip or your medical care. Whatever the issue, remember this: don’t toss those travel documents!

travel documents for travel insurance

Documents You Need to File a Travel Insurance Claim

The following documents will help if you have a claim:

  • Flight ticket
  • Boarding pass
  • Itinerary
  • Receipts or bills from meals out or other events or excursions
  • Border crossing documents
  • Stamped passport
  • Duty-free receipts
  • Credit card statements

You can use these to help you file a claim; Proof of your actual departure and return dates are important, especially if you have an Annual policy.

Tip: Travellers often submit evidence showing they were in the US, but your travel insurance provider actually needs something to show the date you were last in Canada. Just something to keep in mind when saving your documents.

How long should you keep those documents? Until the claim or refund process is completely finished. Keeping photocopies works as well.

If you do have to file a claim, learn how you can speed up the claim process.


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Home From Your Trip? Don’t Toss Those Travel Documents!

May 8 2014