I’ve always been a staunch believer in travel insurance. When I first started travelling with friends, I was surprised that most of them didn’t buy travel insurance! And those that did, often relied on credit card insurance coverage. But I’ve since learned that not all policies are created equal. So if you’re relying on credit card or group plan travel insurance coverage, you may want to reconsider.

Insufficient credit card insurance coverage for skiing and scuba diving
Does your credit card cover activities like skiing and scuba diving?

How to determine if your credit card insurance coverage is enough

  1. Coverage clauses

    • Do you have to pay for the whole trip with your credit card to be covered? Is there a minimum amount?
    • What’s the maximum number of days covered for one trip?
    • What’s the maximum amount you’re covered for?
    • Are you covered for sports and high-risk activities, like skiing or scuba diving?
    • Are you covered for other professional services like physio, chiro, etc. to relieve the acute emergency?
  2. Family coverage

    • Is coverage only for the cardholder?
    • Are the other people travelling with you receiving the same coverage amount as you, or do you need to purchase additional insurance?
    • In the event of an emergency, would coverage be available to return your travelling companion, children/grandchildren or accompanying pet home?
  3. Emergency and Claim Assistance

    • Are you covered for ambulance or emergency air transportation?
    • Is 24/7 toll-free emergency assistance available?
    • Will you be penalized if you don’t call the claims company after the emergency or before visiting the hospital?
  4. Pre-existing medical conditions

  5. Trip cancellations or interruptions

    • Does the plan offer trip cancellation or trip interruption?
    • What’s the maximum amount you’re covered for?
    • Do you have to pay for the whole trip with your credit card to be covered? Is there a minimum amount?

Also, if you have employee group plan travel insurance, make sure you find out the answers to these questions too. While you may have coverage, you may be surprised at how little.

Here’s a quick and easy way to compare coverage. Download our handy Credit Card Questionnaire Comparison Tool and have it on-hand when you’re speaking with your travel insurance provider:

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Is Your Credit Card Travel Insurance Coverage Enough?

Feb 14 2017