NEXUS members and other “trusted travellers” travelling to the US can cut their time at the airport even shorter. The Minister of National Revenue announced more measures enabling “trusted travellers” to breeze through airport security and customs faster and easier.

What are “trusted travellers” anyway?

The definition has been expanded to include NEXUS card holders, Global Entry members, those part of the Canadian and US armed forces, and air crews.

Dedicated lines for security screening are now available at 4 major airports across the country (Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal); “trusted travellers” can through without having to take off their shoes, belts, hats and jackets.

reduced airport time for nexus

Special kiosks have also been set up to help these “trusted travellers” through customs; they provide faster and more efficient service.

Whether you’re registered as a “trusted traveller” or not, make sure you protect yourself with travel insurance. Read on to see what benefits a good travel insurance plan should cover.

Have you heard? The Canadian Transportation Agency has harmonized baggage rules for international itineraries.

Find more information on the new measures for “trusted travellers.

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New Measures to Cut Airport Time for NEXUS or Trusted Travellers

Dec 18 2014