Planning a trip? You’ve got travel insurance, right? Because when you travel outside of your home province, your provincial health plan doesn’t travel with you. This means you’d be vulnerable if you experience an accident or medical emergency. But what do you do if your travel insurance just doesn’t cut it? That’s where top-up travel insurance comes in!

1) What is top-up travel insurance and why do I need it?

If you have travel insurance through your credit card or work benefits, it might not cover the entire length of your trip. Top-up insurance covers you after another travel insurance policy expires, so you won’t be left unprotected.

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Don’t forget to buy top-up travel insurance before your trip!

For example, if you have a group plan through your work that offers up to 30 days of coverage, and your trip is 45 days long, you can get a 15 day top-up policy to cover the rest of  your vacation.

2) What TuGoTM Travel Insurance top-ups can I get?

At TuGo, you can get the following medical plans to top-up your existing coverage:

Multi Trip Annual Emergency Medical

  • Worldwide
  • Within Canada

Single Trip Emergency Medical

  • Worldwide
  • Excluding USA
  • Within Canada

Interested in non-medical insurance options? We’ve got those too! Read All about Trip Cancellation/Interruption Travel Insurance.

3) Can I top-up a TuGo plan?

If you’ve already got a TuGo Travel Insurance plan, and want to add more days of coverage, ask for an extension. Extensions are available if you haven’t submitted a claim and don’t plan to, or your coverage hasn’t expired.

For an extension, call your travel insurance provider or TuGo at 1-855-929-8846 and we’ll get you sorted.

If you have travel insurance coverage from another provider, you should be able to get top-up from TuGo. You’ll have to check with your provider to make sure you can top-up their plan.

4) If I have a pre-existing medical condition, would I be covered?

Yes! If you’ve bought travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions before, you know that a stability period may be required to get coverage for that condition. The period is based on your age and the total length of your trip, including the number of days you’ve topped up.

5) How many days can a policy be topped up with TuGo Travel Insurance?

If you’re 59 or younger, you can get coverage for up to 365 days. If you’re 60+, you can buy coverage for up to 182 or 212 days, depending on your home province.

Now that you know all about top-up insurance, you can make sure you’re always covered when you travel.

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Top-Up Insurance – We Answer 5 of Your Most Pressing Questions

Sep 1 2015