2015 is coming to an end, and it’s time to reflect on the past year. If you love to travel, you’re probably reminiscing about your travel exploits and planning for 2016 (I know we are)! To usher out the old year, we’re taking a look back at some of our most popular travel and travel insurance blog posts for 2015. Here they are in order of most read!

Your border crossing history

Do you know your border-crossing history? Although you may have crossed the line less frequently in 2015 due to the weak dollar, it can still be hard to keep tabs on how many times you’ve crossed in the last little while. Did you know you can you can track your US border crossings from the last 5 years through an online database?  Learn more about how this database tracks your border crossing history for you.

Mountaineering in Nepal―Bridget Milsom’s survival story

In 2011, adventurer and mountaineer Bridget and her husband Bill participated in an expedition in Nepal. They planned to summit Pachermo, a 6,200 metre peak. However, things didn’t go as planned. Although they made it to the top, while Bridget began her descent, she fell 50 metres sustaining major injuries. She nearly lost her life that fateful day. Read about Bridget’s gruelling tale of survival and see how travel insurance helped her get medical care in her time of need.

Bridget and husband Bill on Pachermo Summit, Himalayas, Nepal.

How to buy travel insurance that’s right for you

Planning a trip? While dreaming about that grand getaway, buying coverage for your trip is probably the last thing you want to think about.  From lost luggage, to an accident or a medical emergency, things can happen when you’re away from home and you’ll need to stay protected. Not sure how to find the plan that’s right for you? Financial expert, Barry Choi’s post offers useful tips on how to buy the best policy for your unique needs.

Cities on a budget―top things to do in New York

Despite the lagging loonie, Canadians still travelled to the US in 2015 albeit, a little less than usual…and they’re planning to do so in 2016 too. Bet you’ve never thought of New York City as a budget travel destination! Neither had I until I read guest blogger, financial expert, Barry Choi’s New York on a Budget blog post. He’s got some great tips about things to do and eat, as well as places to stay and how to get around all on the cheap! Big Apple, here I come!

Times Square offers great people watching day or night

Emergency medical, helicopter and air ambulance insurance

Are you an adventure seeker? If you’re travelling to remote locations, not easily accessible by land, you’ll want to be extra picky about your coverage. To make sure you get the best plan for your needs ask, “Does your travel medical cover helicopter ambulance?” Some of our travellers who visited areas like the jungles of Malaysia or suffered from altitude sickness, were happy we covered them for ambulance services and emergency air transportation. Learn more about ambulance services and emergency air transportation benefits here.

We look forward to sharing more travel and travel insurance tips with you in 2016! Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page or leave a comment below with a specific topic you’d like to read about!

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