As the holidays approach, you may be thinking of taking a trip; hopefully you’re thinking of getting travel protection too. Working in the industry, I am naturally the go-to person for family and friends with travel-related questions. Luckily, when at a loss, I simply consult one of the many experts that I work with: product specialists, customer service professionals, sales experts and more.

For those of you without friends in the business, we’re putting together a series of frequently asked questions. Here is our first in the series.

If I get sick or injured while travelling, won’t my provincial health plan pay for the medical expenses?

Unfortunately, your home province/territory health coverage plan will not fully cover you when travelling out–of–province or out–of–country. In fact, outside of Canada, it covers less than 10% of the total cost if you get injured or sick. Expenses for ambulance services and prescription drug costs are often not covered by provincial health protection plans.

So without travel insurance, a broken arm or even something as basic as the flu could cost thousands of dollars.

Check out Melissa’s post called Provincial Healthcare Coverage While Abroad for more details.

provincial healthcare abroad

What is the maximum number of days I can buy travel insurance for?

If you are 59 years and under, you can get travel protection for trips of up to 365 days. If you’re 60 years of age or older, you can purchase travel insurance for trips of 182 days or less (212 days or less if you’re a resident of Ontario, Manitoba or British Columbia).

There are also options for extending your coverage for up to two years while travelling. To find out more about your extension options, you can give our Customer Service team a call at 1-855-929-TUGO, or email

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In the event of an emergency, where can I go for treatment?

Your travel insurance policy gives you the freedom to choose, meaning, you can seek medical attention from any provider.

If you’d like assistance with finding a facility, your provider should assist you both prior to and after departure. We suggest that you give your travel insurance provider a call while on your trip. This way they can get an area or zip code to locate a provider nearby, instead of something that may be 10 miles away.

Look out for more FAQs coming soon.

Have other questions? Please post below and we’ll do our best to answer!

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Dec 16 2013