Provincial Health Care for Travel Within Canada: Why You Need Travel Insurance

The holiday season is fast approaching and many of you will be travelling to visit family and friends. And whether you’re travelling to the next province or across the globe, you’ll want to be protected away from home.

“Do I need travel insurance for travel within Canada”?

Yes, be sure to consider travel insurance before you leave. Why? If you have a medical emergency outside your home province, your provincial health care plan only covers certain costs, leaving you to pay the difference.

What your provincial health plan doesn’t cover

  • Ambulance—ground, mountain and sea rescue
  • Air evacuation
  • Medical equipment rental
  • Family member to bedside
  • Prescription drugs and certain medical supplies/equipment
  • Dental services
  • Accommodation costs and meals for travel companions
  • Escort of insured children home when you are hospitalized
  • Return of vehicle 

What your provincial health plan partially covers

  • Emergency room fees
  • Hospital fees
  • X-rays and lab work
  • Doctor visits

This real life example shows you why

54-year-old Alanna, from Saskatchewan, was in Alberta for her daughter’s wedding. At the reception, she tripped and fell in the parking lot. Since she was experiencing pain in her right foot, an ambulance was called to take her to the hospital. She left the hospital a few hours later with pain medication and a walker rental, so she still able to enjoy the wedding. Alanna returned to Saskatchewan the next day for continued care.
Luckily, she was covered by travel insurance for travel within Canada; otherwise, she would have been on the hook for $ 855.62 for the ambulance ride, walker rental and prescriptions. These are not costs her provincial health care would have covered.

One more tip!

If you’ve already purchased your annual travel insurance this year, you may be automatically covered within Canada. Double check with your insurance broker and review your policy wording too, for confirmation.
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