As a professional blogger, I travel a lot! Even though I’m a frequent traveller, I don’t know much about single trip or annual travel insurance, and I’m probably not alone. Last January, however, I spoke to a TuGo Licensed Insurance Advisor about insuring my trip to Costa Rica.

I’m sharing what I recently learned about choosing travel insurance so you can save some money and travel more often too!

Have you thought about annual travel insurance?

Admittedly, questions about annual versus single trip travel insurance are really not my specialty. In fact, I used to think travel insurance was all very complicated!

visitez la plage au Costa Rica avec une police annuelle
On a Costa Rican beach—one of the many trips I’ve made this year.

When I called TuGo, they asked me if I wanted Multi Trip Annual Insurance or Single Trip travel insurance. I was embarrassed that I didn’t know how to answer—I had never asked myself that before!

When I first started travelling, my trips were infrequent, but for longer stays. Today, I’m lucky to travel more and share my passion with blog readers. As a result, my trips now vary enormously in frequency and length. I travel more often but take shorter trips, which is why the question of a Multi Trip Annual policy versus a Single Trip policy started to make a lot of sense!

Voyage de 4 mois au Laos avec l’assurance voyage TuGo
My 4-month trip to South East Asia in 2008.

My traveller profile has obviously changed over the years, but what about my travel insurance policy? I was wrong to think that an annual travel insurance policy cost a fortune. In fact, there are a lot of advantages to choosing a multi trip travel insurance policy!

sejour en corse avec police voyages multipes de TuGo
My trip in Corsica in May 2015

Here’s how to choose the right travel insurance policy:

First, ask yourself the right questions.

How many trips do I intend to take this year?

TuGo reassured me that if I travel more than twice a year, the Multi Trip Annual policy is a better value for frequent travellers.

Considering I travel around four times a year, for trips ranging 10-30 days at a time, the Multi Trip Annual policy option was definitely better for me. Also, I take day trips here and there across Canada and over the border to the States all the time. I need travel insurance for these mini getaways too. The good news is this Multi Trip Annual policy covers them too, for as many as I like!

voyage en colombie avec police voyage unique
In Cocora Valley, Colombia
voyage dernier minute a cape code avec une police annuelle
My getaway to Cape Cod on the American East Coast

How many days am I travelling for each trip?

There are different coverage lengths for annual travel insurance. Of course, the more travel days of coverage, the more your premium goes up.

The policy I got last January covers me for an unlimited number of trips for a maximum of 30 consecutive travel days per trip.

Sometimes it might even be wiser to buy an annual policy for a shorter trip length, and then pay to only extend the trips where you need more days.

assurance voyages multiples pour grimper en Chine
Rock climbing in Yangsho, China. An extreme sport—for me at least!
canadienne en visite a lake louise avec assurance voyage
In front of iconic Lake Louise, Canada. A Multi Trip policy is useful for travel within

I’ve personally tested this policy out for the last few months, and I can definitely say it’s best suited to my needs and my frequent traveller profile. Let’s just say I’m extremely satisfied with my Multi Trip Annual emergency medical insurance from TuGo! The fact that I don’t have to think about buying travel insurance for the rest of the year makes me so happy and I feel so reassured!

Happy travels

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Things to Know About Multi Trip Annual Travel Insurance

Jul 22 2015