Planning any water sports activities on your upcoming trip? Be ready to ‘go with the flow’ and paddle with travel insurance coverage. Here we’ve debunked 5 myths about finding travel insurance for white water rafting.

Myth 1: It’s hard to find travel insurance including white water rafting

Finding travel insurance including water sports like white water rafting is simple: for example, our emergency medical travel insurance covers all levels of white water rafting, unless you’re a professional.

travel insurance white water rafting
Call ‘em crazy! CEO Patrick Robinson and family dropping into the Class 5+ rapids in the Nile, Uganda.

Canadians rafting in another province or out of the country, or visitors coming to Canada to raft can all find the right coverage. If you’re a frequent paddler, adrenaline junky or adventure traveller, you might want to think about the convenience of an annual travel insurance policy!

Myth 2: Travel insurance doesn’t cover Class 5 white water rapids

It’s unlikely that you’ll take on a class 5 rapid on your first rafting trip, but if you’re keen to try advanced rafting, you can find travel insurance that covers it. Our Traveller policy, for example, covers rafting trips ranging from low risk, lazy streams, to higher-risk, grade 5 rapids. A few years ago, Our CEO Patrick Robinson, TheTravelingCEO, took on Class 5+ rapids in Uganda along with his wife and daughter. Talk about a family adventure!

travel insurance white water rafting
Holding on for dear life, and having the time of their lives on the Nile’s rapids

Myth 3: I signed the company’s waiver, so I’m covered

Don’t confuse the rafting company’s waiver with insurance. If you’ve signed a form, it’s likely not about insurance coverage. Signing a liability waiver will release the company of any responsibility, but won’t protect you. Some rafting companies might offer travel insurance, but make sure you know the maximum limits and exactly what it covers, especially if you’re abroad.

travel insurance white water rafting
TheTravelingCEO’s rafting crew and the Adrift guide, Tutu

Myth 4: I’m Canadian, so I don’t need travel insurance in other provinces

If you’re a Canadian travelling to another province to sample one of our country’s many iconic whitewater rapids, emergency medical travel insurance is a must! What a lot of Canadians don’t know is that out of province travel insurance provides coverage for the expenses above and beyond basic provincial health coverage.

Say you’re from Saskatchewan and you’re going rafting for your friend’s stag/ette in BC; travel insurance can cover additional costs such as ambulance rides, dental accidents, prescriptions, crutches, wheelchairs, etc.

Travellers who get in accidents are often surprised by additional bills that add up fast. Save yourself hundreds of dollars in case you’re in a rafting accident or if something happens before you even get in the boat! I, for one, was glad to have travel insurance when I was living in Montreal and travelled to BC for a rafting and cliff-jumping trip on the Thompson River.

Myth 5: I don’t need travel insurance for white water rafting; nothing’s going to happen to me

It really depends on the river, and on your guide’s experience. For example, TheTravelingCEO and his wife were the only two rafters who didn’t fall out of their raft on the Nile. The waters were so turbulent, all participants needed to learn how to get out from under a flipped-over raft.

All rafters are required to know how to swim, manoeuver the raft over and around rocks, and paddle through drops into turbulent waters―no easy feat! Even if the rafting company’s website says “it’s safe”, you’re taking on a number of risks: sprained wrists, concussions, or worse…. Many rafting companies will include cliff jumping as part of the trip’s activities: if you partake, make sure you’re protected by travel insurance in case of injury. Helmets, lifejackets can only do so much.

travel insurance white water rafting
Talk about getting wet! TheTravelingCEO takes a plunge in the Nile.

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Happy travels, and enjoy the rapids!


5 Myths About White Water Rafting Travel Insurance

Aug 28 2014