With so many options to choose from, buying travel insurance can be daunting.  Luckily your insurance broker is there to help out by answering your questions and quandaries, ensuring you get the right plan.

But what to ask? We’ve identified 5 essential travel insurance questions that you should ask your broker at the time of purchase: 

  1. How long has your company been in business?

    This will help you determine if the travel insurance provider is reputable and would be in a position to pay your claim. It will also help you determine whether they can deliver the types of assistance services that are included on travel insurance policies and can be essential if a medical emergency arises.

  2.  Can your coverage handle my medical condition?

    Often the older the traveller, the more medical conditions they have. This is perhaps the most vital of all questions, so make sure that you have your broker ask all medical questions, answer them correctly, and ensure that any conditions that have recently changed are covered by the plan being offered.

  3. Will the plan cover my “fun” vacation?

    Let’s face it, travellers take chances and “let loose” a little more while on vacation; they often try more risky activities, whether it’s bungee jumping, snorkeling or even hiking volcanoes. Make sure your travel insurance is built to withstand anything you throw at it!

    Questions for travel insurance broker

  4. What if I actually a have a claim?

    Who do I call and will it be that company who looks after me, or will it be some other company I have never heard of? In other words, just make sure you know who to call and who will be delivering on the promise your broker is making. Namely, when you are most vulnerable and in a hospital, who is there to help…

  5. Is the rate competitive?

    There is a reason this is the last of the top 5 questions. There is no doubt it needs to be competitive, but it’s sort of like a parachute. Do you really want to jump out of an airplane with the “cheapest” parachute? Travel insurance is similar. You don’t want to answer the questions above, after an emergency. You also may not want to put your medical or even your financial well-being at risk from the “lowest priced” policy. After all, there is a reason they say, “You get what you pay for “.

What questions do you usually ask your travel insurance provider? Share below!

5 Questions To Ask Your Broker Before Buying

Jun 17 2013