My first time surfing, I was hooked. With its warm waves and relaxed vibe, Ghana’s Busua Beach was the perfect place to learn. But after getting tossed repeatedly, I realized surfing can be dangerous.

Luckily, as a TuGo employee, I knew my travel medical insurance had my back; an accident so far from home could be expensive. Read on for 5 things your surfing travel insurance needs to cover.

If you’re heading to a surfing hot spot within Canada or further abroad like Costa Rica, Australia or Hawaii, travel insurance is essential. Surfing, like other water sports, can cause serious injuries that would be expensive if you needed medical treatment.

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Photo by Ashley Shelley via Flickr under Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (Interservices Surfing competition, Tolcarne beach Newquay, Cornwall)

So before go, ask your local provider to set you up with travel medical insurance for Canadians.
Make sure your surfing travel insurance covers these 5 things*:

  1. Out-of-country hospitalization for injury and related medical costs
  2. Coverage for doctors’ visits and prescriptions
  3. Medical air evacuation for return to Canada or to the nearest medical facility for required medical care
  4. Emergency dental care
  5. Emergency transportation (like ambulance services)

Wondering about surfboard insurance? If you purchase Baggage insurance, it may cover the loss, damage or destruction of personal items.

Don’t think you need travel insurance because provincial health will cover you? Surprisingly, this isn’t quite the case; provincial health covers less than 7% of your medical costs outside of Canada.

Questions about surfing travel insurance? Post them below; I’d be happy to answer them!

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*Whether you’re an amateur or professional surfer, surfing travel insurance will cover you unless you are participating in high risk such activities, like X Games Sports.

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5 Things Your Surfing Travel Insurance Needs to Cover

Aug 26 2014